Saturday, December 20, 2008


Australia has received it's little Christmas present, the Bruning family. Yes we are extremely tired from the ticker tape parades but we are so very happy to be here that we haven't minded the paparazzi intrusion. The boys are swimming in my parent's pool with Jonno and I am catching up on my favourite blogs. Hugo and Archie are thoroughly enjoying seeing my dad and step-mother (Fafa and Granny Lou-Lou), so much so that Hugo crept into see Dad during nap time and convinced him to rest with him in his teeny-tiny toddler bed.
This morning kicked off with a rush of creative inspiration (funnily enough, coming from all of the fruit and vege displays), visiting the Boneo Market. More photos to come but I had to add the Archibald Honey... Archie couldn't believe it. By the way, I just overheard Jonno asking Archie if he was having problems diving to the bottom of the pool. Archie explained, "It's because I'm floatish".


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