Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Rainy Day.

Archie woke with a heavy cold this morning and was too snuffly to go to school. We are in the middle of a rainy patch at the moment and so, it seemed much more sensible for Archie to stay in bed for the day reading Harry Potter. I love how even during breakfast he still kept his eye on the book.
I have been a little under the weather too with an annoying ear thingy that pops up every now and again. A good day to snuggle up with Archie and crochet a shawl I am working on.
How lucky are we to be able to comfort ourselves with the making of such things.
This is the next colour I will be working with.
Archie made this over the weekend. I love it, such a peaceful place to live I'd imagine.... although tiny hidden swords may indicate otherwise.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. I totally understand about the Harry Potter ;) And I am the same way. When I do not feel well I get comfy and crochet. Hope everyone gets feeling better soon.

  2. Your shawl is going to be lovely - loving the colours!
    I've heard that you guys are having awful weather lately - it's a bit early?! We are just lightening up over here - thank goodness....

  3. It looks gorgeous, lovely colors!

  4. I couldn't put those books down and I was a grown woman in my thirties when they first came out. Hope you all feel better.

  5. Hope you both feel better. Little Son always has weapons involved somewhere in his play scheme!! Lily. xxx

  6. Your shawl looks beautiful.

    What a lovely way of passing by a rainy day...crafting and harry potter!

    Hope you and Archie are feeling better soon.

    Fleur xx

  7. Sending you both get well wishes! Love the colours of your shawl. An 11year old boy here likes the Lego model! J x

  8. I could just move right in (although it might not be suitable for Wellington - the wind and the rain today weren't fun)

  9. Yeah...the tiny hidden swords might be a little off-putting!

    Love the colours of the shawl. Are you using real, live wool? Not yacky yarn? (I's the word hate - I'm using Stylecraft atm and it's actually fine.)

  10. ***it's the word I hate

    Note to self to check the words I type for sense and error!

  11. Love our crochet colours, hope your ear stops popping, I hate that! And wow a wonderful Lego model, we are many years passed that phase but still have some huge boxes of the stuff tucked away and with 3 boys you can imagine that's alot of lego! My we had some amazing structures.

  12. Hi Kate, I have a picture of my daughter at a similar age brushing her teeth and reading a book at the same time! The later HP books are a bit heavy to hold in one hand though:)

    I loved that age, when Lego and books were so engrossing. We now have rugby and loud guitar (him) and TV and computer (her)

  13. ahhh what a beautiful pink colour :) i'll look forward to seeing what you create with it! xx

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