Monday, April 16, 2012

Beaching Around.

This is what you do in the South Island when you are free camping without electricity - or at least this is something that you can do on a beach full of beach full of sanded rocks. Hugo spent a happy afternoon at Kekurangu turning the rocks into friends with his textas (felt tip pens).
The best thing (environmentally) is that with a rain they are washed clean.
Archie got back into his whittling. This is an activity I cannot be around to watch - Jonno hangs out with the boys when they do this. I will say however, that Archie has only cut himself once, two years ago.... but still. By the way, this is Archie's new jumper that I finished knitting just before we travelled down south. I'll share details in another post.
The best things about holidays though is having time to crochet to the orders of a six year old. Hugo wanted me to crochet a bunny hat to finish off his rabbit rock.
And then he had a rabbit to play with his penguin. Very appropriate.
Yesterday morning when we woke, we found this seal out on our beach. At first we tip-toed quietly not wanting to disturb her rest. After a while though we discovered she really didn't mind and we just went about our business as usual (running, jumping, shouting, playing).
We did spend a huge chunk of the morning watching her bask though.
Two boys and a beach.
The seal is still there - she is lying down like a little heap of seaweed - they are very good at blending in.
A boy and a seal.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Oh my! That beach looks so beautiful! We paint rocks when we go camping too....only it's in Montana..on the Missouri River. It's a fun way to be creative and pass some time! Looks like you had a lovely time.

  2. What a beautiful beach. Its so hard in UK to camp anywhere as unspoiled as where you are. There are rules and rules. I know they are to protect things but it would be so lovely to be able to enjoy a more basic unstructured way of camping. Have fun! Lily. xxx

  3. I can't imagine how wonderful to be hanging out with a seal!! Your holiday sounds quite blissful, and i love the stones...I wish I could bring one home with a Hugo rabbit drawn on it. Have lots more fun, love Mum

  4. My mom would call that "making memories"... sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  5. Wow! The beach and the seal!!!
    I love the bunny hat for the rabbit!!
    xxx Alessandra

  6. Oh you make me yearn for those wonderful beachy holidays when my children were young! We did alot of wood whittling and we still have all our fingers LOL!

  7. what a fab post - particularly loving a crochet hat on a pebble bunny.
    A seal? how wonderful.
    fee x

  8. I recognise the pattern in that light blue jumper. In fact, I made one in almost the same colour! However, the roll neck on my version never did sit well. And now the jumper has gone on to a new family, ready to live a new life. I love hand knits!

  9. What a gorgeous holiday you had! I love everything about it...your boys are just lovely...and the seal...and the stone...and the hat....xxxxx

  10. Happy to have found your blog. Such beautiful photos... and love the smooth stones! Your son is a creative little guy :)

  11. Glad you love beach and sea nature...

  12. Wonderful pictures.
    Homemade dresses and are a talented lady.

    (PS: Would you consider not having the captcha thingy? I have terrible trouble with this, partly I wonder if it's Blogger making it hard for Wordpress bloggers! Others have remarked upon this too.)

  13. Just love the last pic of 'A boy and his seal'... awesome. :)



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