Monday, April 16, 2012

Beaching Around.

This is what you do in the South Island when you are free camping without electricity - or at least this is something that you can do on a beach full of beach full of sanded rocks. Hugo spent a happy afternoon at Kekurangu turning the rocks into friends with his textas (felt tip pens).
The best thing (environmentally) is that with a rain they are washed clean.
Archie got back into his whittling. This is an activity I cannot be around to watch - Jonno hangs out with the boys when they do this. I will say however, that Archie has only cut himself once, two years ago.... but still. By the way, this is Archie's new jumper that I finished knitting just before we travelled down south. I'll share details in another post.
The best things about holidays though is having time to crochet to the orders of a six year old. Hugo wanted me to crochet a bunny hat to finish off his rabbit rock.
And then he had a rabbit to play with his penguin. Very appropriate.
Yesterday morning when we woke, we found this seal out on our beach. At first we tip-toed quietly not wanting to disturb her rest. After a while though we discovered she really didn't mind and we just went about our business as usual (running, jumping, shouting, playing).
We did spend a huge chunk of the morning watching her bask though.
Two boys and a beach.
The seal is still there - she is lying down like a little heap of seaweed - they are very good at blending in.
A boy and a seal.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


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