Saturday, April 14, 2012

South Islanding.

It's been a little while since I have been able to swing by the blog and that is because I am now in the South Island on holidays!!!! Archie and I flew down to Christchurch on Easter Monday leaving our house and all of our animals in capable hands (I still felt a little teary saying goodbye to Bertie...) and were reunited with Jonno and Hugo!!!
Over the past week we have had many adventures including playing on the Moeraki Boulders (or Devil's Marbles), penguin watching (we hid in the 'hide' below), seal spotting and looking at stuff - always a favourite.

This is the camping ground we stayed in at Moeraki, just opposite the famous Fleur's Place. We are so lucky because Jonno's parents let us use their motorhome - we love it. See how friendly it looks, smiling as the boys return to it.
We also visited Lanarch Castle in Dunedin. The boys took this photo for me as I couldn't make it up the last rickety staircase (due to childhood terrors - I'll explain another day). The views from the top were spectacular - or so they tell me.
But fortunately so were the grounds with beautiful gardens and amazing vistas. Here is Hugo pretending to sit on a box hedge....
Don't you think every garden needs a cow like this. It sort of reminds me of a Tove Jansson creation.
Side view of the castle...
Hanging out with Alice.
Viewing views.
Admiring stuff.
And being forced midway through a fight to pose in a crocus meadow - I can't remember if it was a threat or a bribe that made them put pleasant expressions on...
With my boys in one of my new dresses made from flannelette - very cosy for freezing Dunedin.
Well, I had better fly as my time is almost up - not time to even go back and correct any mistakes so please read with gentle eyes.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Welcome to the south! Its so good to have you visit! (I'm in Chch)

    Hope you continue to enjoy your little escape. Isn't the south SO beautiful??!!

  2. Oh your photos bring back memories :) I spent 5 years in Dunedin in my youth - varsity days!

    Loving the peek at your dress - you must do a photo shoot for a detailed nosy - sounds scrummy and warm.

  3. Kate, what a lovely holiday you are all having! you all look so happy and loving all you see. The boys seem to have grown and I can't wait to see you all, in fact wish I were with you now!! The castle looks amazing, the gardens beautiful and the marbles...spectacular! I wouldn't have gone up the last steps either, you know you are going to miss out but you still can't make that last rickety climb! Love mum

  4. What a great bunch of things to see! Have a great time! Vacation week is starting for me now.

  5. What a beautiful place to be!
    Very nice to see your family enjoying themselves.

  6. Looks amazing :) When I saw that first picture I thought they were clambering over giant bread rolls!

  7. I thought the rocks were giant bread rolls too! What a lovely way to spend Easter, lots of happy memories I'm sure. I'd wimp out at the climb too probably, although sometimes I manage to climb scary places, usually sobbing all the way!

  8. it looks like you stood a a lot more fantastic end of the week when compared with my own! lol haya, i expended the idea researching for finals. ughhh.
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