Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A School Visit.

I am sure this photo was taken last week but no, when I consult the date, I am horrified to see it was well over four years ago!!!
This is actually the reality, an almost five year old boy who went on his first school visit yesterday. I know he is very ready (although really, he would prefer to stay at home and potter around doing his ever increasing list of jobs) as the questions he asks I can no longer answer... always a good sign to me. He was so excited my heart felt like it could burst. And he came home filled with magic and wanting to keep his school t-shirt on even when he went to bed (and then this morning too).

While Hugo was off getting an afternoon's education, I tackled the photo wall again. A project I began furiously one rainy winter's day when Hugo was a baby. It must have been on the cusp of him crawling as I can remember immediately after the first batch of photos went up, I never had the chance to go near it again. So to me it seemed to have a symmetry tackling it on my big (secretly my baby still) boy's first school visit.
He was absolutely shattered when he came home but kept his quirky sense of humour. This is how I found him when I tucked him in.
Just a little shot to show the wedding flowers gathering momentum.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


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