Thursday, May 8, 2014

Holiday Time.

We are off on a holiday today... 7 weeks of travelling with the boys around the UK, Scotland, America, Switzerland, Germany and Singapore!!! WAHOOOOOO!!! By the way, in re-reading that sentence, I thought I had better make it clear that this is not a normal event in our household, definitely not something we do once a week or anything.... this has taken years of planning.
I will try to blog occasionally but I must apologise in advance as I can't upload photos onto my gadget thingy - would you mind if I wrote letters on the blog for a little while instead? Then when I get back I could load up the matching photos retrospectively.
 At the moment we are doing all of the last minute packing.... Just how many sequinned headbands does one person need? Answer - 3 of course, one in gold, one in silver and one in turquoise. 
The boys are very excited too - constantly examining the different currencies in the new, grown up wallets and making sure I've packed their technology for the plane......
Lots and lots of love to you all,
Kate xxooxx.