Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hugo, Chewy and a New Vest.
The same night our cat Tinkerbel had four kittens (or mice as Archie and Hugo thought), a little lamb was born out in a cold, wet and windy paddock. Jonno received a phone call yesterday from a local farmer saying its mother had died and wondering whether we would consider fostering it. Keen to keep my ovaries distracted, Jonno took the boys and swelled the ranks of our family.
We have been tossing around a few ideas for names - Archie: Baa Baa lovely Baa Baa, Hugo: Indian lamb. Eventually they came up with Chewy because it chews grass........ Jonno hopes it isn't appropriately named.
Hugo is wearing a vest I finished knitting today, the first time I have knitted bands around the collar and armholes. I actually started on the vest a few months ago and I have come away with the understanding that it is always better to anticipate lots of growth rather than little, tiny bits.

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  1. Am thrilled to have been invited to watch Kate's Blog develop.
    Wonderful colours.
    Love it!



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