Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Crochet Pill Pattern - Use as Directed... but if symptoms persist, please see your Doctor.

Anybody else stuck in hand to fist combat with a nasty cold or virus at the moment? This may be the pattern for you....
Any ply is fine depending on the size you are after - I used 2 different colours of 8ply wool, a 3.5mm hook and stuffing. Have fun. Also, I am writing this under the influence of some strange mutated and cruel bug (as I tend to think of colds) so please ask me any questions if something makes no sense.

ss - slip stitch
sc - single crochet (the U.S. version)
ch - chain
yarn a - first colour used for pill
yarn b - second colour used for pill

Begin with yarn a.
Ch 2 then 6sc into 2nd ch from hook. Ss into first st. (6)
Round 1. *Sc into first st, then 2sc into following st. *Repeat until end of round. (9)
Rounds 2 - 4. *1sc into each st until end of round. (9)
Change to yarn b.
Rounds 3 - 7. *1sc into each st until end of round. (9)
Round 8. *1sc into each of the next 2 sts, then skip the following st. *Repeat until end of round (6)
Tie off with a needles and tuck in ends. When finishing a pill, I tend to gather up the final round into a circle with the needle and pull them together, then tie off.

Good luck,
love kate xxxooxxx.


PaisleyJade said...

These are so cool! Thanks for sharing. Might make my hubby a jar of 'harden up' pills. hehe

Emily said...

Aaah, I love your blog - always makes me smile!
Emily x

Leonie said...

Geeezzz your and idiot!!! (I mean that is the nicest of ways!!) x

Planet Penny said...

I hope crocheting them had the same effect as swallowing the real thing and that you are feeling much, much better! Penny x

Barbara said...

Adorable pills ...
Hope you're feeling much better soon, Kate. x

Emalee said...

I would love to make heaps and heaps of these in different colours to fill a glass vase or jar. What a cute idea!

illy said...

LOL! Don't stop blogging it has been a while since you have blogged

Sara said...

Ha ha ha... This made me giggle! Linking up at Tangled Happy on Tuesday. Thanks for sharing this. :)

♥ Tina said...

And just like the real thing, keep out of reach of children, rather a choking hazard.

Cheryl said...

Completely Cute !

kirstine said...

My name is kirstine.
I saw your blog for the first time. I have lots of healt issues year round your Blog made me laugh. what a great idea to keep busy when I am out of the real thing till I can get the refill from the store. Your blog made me smile.


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