Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crochet Ball Tutorial.

I am using the American crochet terms so when I talk about an sc , it is referring to an English dc.
Equipment - 3mm crochet hook, 8 ply or 4 ply yarn depending on desired size (you can use a 2.5mm crochet hook with the 4 ply yarn if you like but I find the 3mm hook is still fine).

ch = chain
slst = slip stitch
sc = single crochet

To begin, make 2 ch
Round 1: ch 2
Round 2: 6 sc in 1st chain, join with slst into first sc. (6)
Round 3: *2 sc in each sc. *Repeat until end. (12)
Round 4: *1 sc in the next sc then 2 sc in following sc. *Repeat until end. (18)
Round 5: *1 sc in following 2sc then 2 sc in next sc. *Repeat until end. (24)
Rounds 6 - 10: sc into each sc until 5 rounds have been completed.
Round 11: *sc into each of the next three sc then skip the fourth sc. *Repeat until end
Round 12: *sc into each of the next two sc then skip the third sc. *Repeat until end
Round 13: *sc into every second sc. *Repeat until end.
Round 14: Continue to follow the instructions from round thirteen until hole is almost closed. Bind off securely.

To make a bigger ball, in Round 6, instead of just doing an sc in every sc, sc into each of the following 3 sc then 2 sc into the fourth sc. This also means that in Round 11, you would *sc into each of the next four sc, then skip the fifths sc, repeating from * until the end of the round.
To make a flatter smartie like shape, follow the instructions for Round 6 and Round 7, beginning to decrease the pattern in Round 8.
I am so sorry it has taken so many days to post. I am not sure if the written tutorial is perfect yet as I didn't realise how much I rely on the look of the ball when deciding to decrease. I will keep playing with it though and will write up any changes along the way.
This has been a very quiet blogging week for me as I have been snared by a combination of school holidays and a temporary case of slow Internet connection. Actually, add to that a sudden onset of extreme tiredness and a need to sleep huge hours (not pregnant). Thank goodness everything has cleared up again, although the boysies are still on school holidays but that is a good thing. Today we are setting off for a little holiday in my parents-in-laws's camper van. We don't even know where we are going yet but we do have a list of things we would like to do... glow worm caves, hot mineral pools, hot water rivers, forests and crochet. Hang on, the last bit might just be me although I am sure that Archie will want me to include his knitting and I did buy two embroidery hoops so I will pack those for small boys in rainy weather.
I have also bought a couple of amazing new books so I will review them when I come back. Stay tuned and I will see you Monday next week. Have a good weekend - xxooxxooxx.


  1. Oh thank you Kate. Looking forward at trying my hand at this. =)

  2. They are so beautiful- I love them! I've only just learned how to crochet but I'm going to have a go at making one! Thanks Kate :) K

  3. Oh I wonder if I'm game to try... They are so lovely. I can imagine a christmas tree covered in them, or the owlets playing with them...

    Have a lovely holiday! :)

  4. Beautiful!
    and perfect pictures, congrats :D:D:D

  5. I love these! They look wonderful all heaped together.

  6. Thank you for this tutorial but I'm not sure if I understood the decrease bit right... How am I supposed to follow the instructions from round 13 on round 13? Would it not be the instructions from round 12??? And then, you keep skipping sc's, something like sc then skip the next sc. But then... I think I'm lost...
    Sorry if I'm any trouble, it's just that I would really like to have a go at this. (and then, I could translate your tutorial into French if you would allow me to...)

  7. Your pictures are lovely! These would be perfect hanging on our Christmas tree. I love them! I will be sharing this at www.tangledhappy.blogspot.com on 12/02/10. Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern!

  8. How nice! I´ll try to crochet your balls for my children. I put ypur link on my blog to this pattern, hope its ok ;-)

    Bye SelMama

  9. I love little projects that stretch my crochet skills, thank you :) And I discovered this just in time to make Christmas baubles - crochet cotton together with gold embroidery thread, and cross stitch and bead embellishments. Hours of fun!

  10. Thank you. this is wonderful....do you stuff the balls?

  11. I will be trying this out, they look great, thanks for the tutorial :-) x

  12. They are so beautiful- I adulation them! I've alone just abstruse how to adornment but I'm traveling to accept a go at authoritative one! Thanks Kate

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  14. I've been wondering how these were made. Thank you!

  15. very nive! I also like this tutorial http://www.craftstv1.com/2013/03/how-to-make-crochet-ball.html

  16. Hi:)
    I was wondering if you could tell me..WHAT did you use for the base for that wreath?. Was it styrofoam?, wire base? or something else..?.
    Thank you

  17. That is really cool. Thanks for finding it. Some really good ideas there, this is going to be a real time sink. I am a china tour lover,You can learn more: China tour packages | China travel packages | China Travel Agency

  18. Hi balls are half finished but really not sure how to put them together to form the wreath! Pleeeeease could you help!!

    Thanks Hattyjax x

  19. thankyou for your colours you raise my seretonin!! what a lovely serendipity!!

    Sara :))

  20. Hi I totally love your wreath made of balls, and have decided that I will make one this year in my favourite colours for christmas. Thank you for the inspiration and the tutorial. I'll post a picture when I'm done. Just beautiful. Have a peak at my blog if you get chance -http://mix-ture43.typepad.com/ and I'm on Facebook too. I will be keeping an eye out for your new posts. Thanks Karen :o)xx

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  23. Hi Kate, I have recently used your crochet ball pattern to make a crochet ball christmas wreath. Although it only consists of 12 balls (and isn’t as gorgeous as yours) I’m really pleased with it and wanted to say thank you. If you would like to see how it turned out please check out my post at www.thestitchsharer.com – I have included a link to your blog in the post.

  24. How many balls did you make for your wreath?

  25. what mine ended up looking like:

  26. Hello I am a visitor from Colorado USA and I was looking at your very nicely stitched crochet balls. But the stitch I am seeing IS actually a single crochet and NOT a dc. I know things very differently for Europe to usa when it come to crochet so I thought I should just say your stitch is a single crochet,SC.



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