Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas in New Zealand.

 I love looking at all of the blogs from the northern hemisphere at this time of year. Seeing the snow and fires lit. However, I wouldn't trade our summertime Christmas (well actually I would if someone gave me a plane ticket for a holiday) because it really does have its own magic.
 I steer away from traditional Christmas colours. To me summer is all about vibrancy so my Christmas is usually full of pink, yellow, turquoise, orange, navy and red. The brighter, the better. This year I can't get my crochet ball wreath to stick to the wall (???? A true first world problem, the sticky hooks keep falling off - maybe it's too humid) so I am using it as a centrepiece with flowers stuck in the middle. It really seems to be enjoying its new challenge this year - in fact it's quite hard to stop it from going on about it….
 I'm also taking inspiration from the cook book, 'Notes from a Swedish Kitchen' by Margareta Schildt Landgren. I made Kladdkaka (chocolate sticky cake) last night - oh my giddy aunt, it was insanely good, like a light chocolate brownie with a really wonderful flavour. It lent itself really well to being gluten-freeanised as well - always a bonus.
 It's also berry season. We are all so full of antioxidants and vitamin c at the moment that we seem to be zinging about the walls - although that doesn't really explain why Hugo is at this moment, languishing on the big blue couch with a temperature. He seems to come down with a virus on the first day of the holidays poor little man. School is a big commitment for a 7 year old and he does put his all into it.
 And this is our kitchen/dining room. Sunlight lifts the spirits so much doesn't it. Our Christmas tree is so haphazardly decorated that it looks kind of wonderful but most definitely needs to be admired from a distance. Do you like my new silver shoes - I bought them from the children's section (kids have big feet these days) from a very inexpensive shop - best buy ever.

I hope you liked a peek into summer down under. The irony is of course that we are becoming quite antsy for rain, so as beautiful as it all is - we really, really need some fat and dark clouds blotting out the sun! It's just sooooooo lovely though!
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.
p.s. I would love to see what you are doing Christmas wise at the moment. Please leave your link in the comments section and I will pop by!


  1. Hi Kate. I love your home so cosy.
    And your garden under those pom poms.
    I too have gone for bright colours.
    I have got so bored with traditional red and green. And it is an excuse to buy new decorations. We have got your rain at the moment in Cornwall.

  2. I see the attack of the pom pom addiction has got you! They look great strung up as a garland like that, very festive and very "down under" somehow (I can say that, I was born there!) All of your decorations look great and so cheery and colourful! Just right for you. Happy Christmas to you and yours. xx

  3. Looks lovely and happy and festive! Glad the wreath is enjoying itself :) haven't done photo's of the decorations this year but pretty much all the wall are covered in the kids' Christmas art, and our Elf is getting most of blog airtime :) Merry Christmas to you guys and hopefully you get some rain before a sunny Christmas day x

  4. Well I love all your decorations but would have loved a close up of that tree. The Pom Pom garland is so lovely. We visited your beautiful country and loved every minute.
    Please pop over to my house. The latest post is all about my little bit of Christmas frippery!

  5. Beautiful decorations....Im most envious of your sun living in chilly Northern Ireland. Have a nice Christmas

  6. And it's so crazy for me to even think about not having snow at Christmas....we've had a couple of years without snow, but it's always sad...but I'd love to come down there too! Glad you were able to use your wreath in some manner..

  7. We have had snow and now it is in the fifties and raining. Our weather can fluctuate so wildly. I love snow at Christmas, but then I wish it would go away the rest of the year. Merry Christmas to all you down under.

  8. I so wish you were here to decorate our house! Could you decorate the boxes our lives are stored in? I think pom-poms on them would help make us look a tiny bit Christmassy! Seriously your decorations look wonderful as usual, I love the tree in all it's glory!
    Moving at Christmas isn't ideal but we have done it, how good is from Mum

  9. Hi Kate, what gorgeous bright colours for Christmas! Love the wreath - I've had my first go at crochet balls this week (for my baby for Christmas) - I've put little bells in mine so they rattle when she shakes them. I'm new to blogging and crochet - and I've become slightly addicted to both. I'm over at The rogue sparrow blogspot -come say hello !

  10. I still struggle to get my head round the idea of Christmas in Summertime (and I'm nearly 40). Mind, I also wish for snow for Christmas every year and I rarely get that anymore either!!!

    Merry Christmas from a windy and very cold Yorkshire.

  11. I always thought how strange it would feel to be somewhere it was warm at Christmas... but it's all what your used to! We have about 12" of snow outside right now... it snowed three times in the past 8 days here. I would gladly give you some at this moment...tired of shoveling and salting... Sunday the temperature is to be unseasonably warm here, close to 70 F more like Easter temps than Christmas! I figure most of the snow will melt and become a flood! I'll use the opportunity to air out the house! Some virus' running around these parts too! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

  12. We are currently having the shortest day of the year here today ...... oh how I envy your lovely sunshine :-) Have a fab festive break x

  13. What lovely bright colours, makes a change from the greyness we have here at the moment, some days it hardly gets light! We have red and gold decorations hung about the place, crystal snowflakes, window stars and fairy lights. The fire is going day and night, we are cosy, warm and happy :)



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