Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Vintage Lace.

Every now and then in life we are presented with the a conundrum. This piece of vintage lace is almost too beautiful to use and yet too beautiful not to use. I think a crafty monk could spend years meditating over such an intricate and difficult problem.
By the way, before anybody jumps to the conclusion that my life must be very straight forward and simple, I have to admit I am being a little tongue in cheek. But you know where I am coming from!
Love Kate. 


  1. I know exactly what you mean! The lace is beautiful. It needs a special project and then you won't feel bad about using it.

  2. I would use it, but find a way to keep it as whole as possible, thereby keeping it mostly intact. I have a small piece of very special vintage fabric; I am trying to think how I can best use that while keeping it in one piece as it is so lovely.

  3. When choosing the fabrics for my wedding dress one of the key points I kept in mind was that eventually the could become family heirlooms; not the dress, the fabrics, and specially the lace :-)

  4. I have all sorts of fabrics and supplies that I can do nothing with. I will hate to see them used in a project and unavailable for future use... but then it kills me to see them sitting around unused! I understand completely :-)

  5. I have the philosophy, (for some of my fabric at least), stamp collectors don't use their stamps, why should I use my fabric? Treat that lace like any piece of artwork!



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