Sunday, May 3, 2015

Caravan Progress...

 I am making very slow progress with this new caravan. I think it might be because the boys have only just gone back to school and and the week has been inundated with school excursions and 12 year old boys staying over, basketball, etc. This week is going to be the week of furiously happy crochet. It has been decided.

Have a happy Sunday!
Love Kate. xx


  1. Dear Kate, this is really, relaay cute. I love your crochet work a lot. Happy Sunday, as well! Viola

  2. Cannot get enough of your adorable creations!

  3. Kate, this is adorable! Have you written up a pattern for this yet? I would LOVE to purchase it!

  4. Hello Kate

    I just pre-ordered your book, for camping etc, which will be out in 35 days. I bought it from the Book Depository. I'm not sure if I'm getting a book or book, but it says your caravan pattern is in there. Will the terminology be English or American? Either way, I'm ok with it as I livedknEngland for 5 years, so I'm familiar with both. I live in Canada. I can hardly wait for the pattern.

    Love all your works by the way.

    Have a great day

  5. HI Francine - it will be using english terminology. I hope you like it! Thank you so much for supporting it. Love Kate. xx

  6. Hi Kate, i just ordered your book with the long awaited pattern for the Caravan :) I have loved this since the first time i saw it and as a caravanner myself i can't wait to make one myself. So excited to recieve the book :) x

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  8. Hello Kate,
    I also ordered and recieved your book. Soooo happy with it, can't wait to start making the items. The ice cream van looks great and also the reason why I ordered your book: the caravan!!
    Tent, teepee, canal boat; all gorgeous!



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