Friday, June 24, 2011

Nothing says it like socks...

Just a couple of non-sock bits; I was overjoyed to come home and find my first lot of bulbs beginning to flower.
And to see that the boys had gone into business making beeswax candles...
I finished knitting Jonno's socks in Australia. It was so satisfying to watch him put them on - they almost reach to his knees and successfully keep his toes very warm after a shower.
Archie's second sock is still on the needles Hopefully over the weekend however, I will be able to take a photo of all the male feet in our household lined up clad in their new regalia.
Now, please let me introduce you to a very special pair of socks.
They were knitted for my step grandfather who was the chief officer on a naval ship and sailed to very, very, very cold places like the Baltic Sea - I think I need to ring Mum for a few more details... I will add more later. They are knitted with a very thick wool, either 10 or 12 ply and measure 81cm!!!
I love the slight pattern that has been knitted in and would love to find the recipe for it. The ribbing almost resembles a slight cable and looks quite easy.
And the final touch to stop your good socks from being mixed up with other sailors - a little name tag that has been stitched in with love.
Nothing says it like socks.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


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