Friday, July 29, 2011

The Beach... and a bit of knitting.

This is the beach that we have been hanging out at every day.

We are very rugged up as it is still mid-winter, but there is nothing like being by an ocean when it is moody and the beach quiet, especially if you get to wear warm home knits. Hugo's jumper above was knitted for Archie a few years ago by Jonno's mum. It is one of my all time favourite patterns... unfortunately the details are at home so I will post them another day.
And Archie is clad in the jumper I finished earlier in the year.
Cold weather doesn't stop sand castle making and hole digging.

Or general hilarity.

But sometimes it does make you take a quick photo and then flee home before the rain seeps too far through layers of clothing.
During inside time, I have been working on this tea-cosy.
AND I am pleased to say that I wrote down the pattern as I went along and so I will be able to write up a tutorial on it soon.
Drinking tea after a walk on the beach is the best thing to do isn't it.
This is my holiday basket of wool. I always need to take enough so that I can make whatever urge overwhelms me. You know how it is.
My most exciting bit of news however, is that Hugo is learning to knit. I do a few stitches, then he does a few and so on until the row is done. I now have two boys who knit. Jonno will be proud as he feels it is an essential skill for every young man to have. You just don't know when you are going to find yourself in the trenches needing a new pair of socks. Well, hopefully never.
Right now, the boys and I have once again scooted down to the local cafe with Internet access. They have finished their afternoon tea and are now playing about outside with the one scooter which they are sharing wonderfully well!!!!! Who would have thunk it possible. I ate an entire macadamia brittle in peace.
Anyway, I had better hop off the computer and think dinnery thoughts - i.e. what will be the easiest way to get wadding into them tonight... EGGS!
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. It's lovely to see some photos of your holiday and I agree that the beach is lovely whatever the weather. Your boys certainly look cosy in their knits and I'm assuming you were keeping warm in a home knit too.
    The tea cosy looks gorgeous and I'm looking forward to you posting the pattern.
    I'm glad to see you have so many yarn choices on hand when the creative urge strikes. Just what I like to do too.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday,
    Anne xx

  2. what gorgeous photos, and oh those knits! it is the teacosy that has stolen my heart though. love it!

  3. Hi Kate! Glad you're having such a lovely time! Hasn't Archie shot up?? He's suddenly sooo tall! Love the sweaters but the tea cosy is sensational. Did you make the pattern yourself? You are amazing my dear. Loads of love, Amanda xxx

  4. I miss you!When are you coming home? Wish I was rugged up at the beach with you knitting fabulous things. I have started a blog! See what you think...
    Lotsa luv, see you soon
    Dominique xxxxxx

  5. Sounds like you are all having fun. I love your beach knitting that tea cosy is so cute.

  6. What fab pictures of the boys on the beach. I actually love the beach more in the winter than the summer. I had totally forgotten the New Zealand phrase 'rugged up'. I love it - so descriptive, it makes you feel warmer just saying it! The jumpers are fab too.
    Am very excited by your promise of a tea cosy pattern. Have been thinking of making one & yours looks just right. Have a good weekend x

  7. Oh, I love the tea cosy! It's wonderful!

  8. Just popped in via Attic 24 and loving your blog. So nice to see some gorgeous NZ scenery, some creative boys with an appreciation of lego(my husband is called Legoman on my blog)and some wonderful crochet.Inspired to try your crochet donut recipe- whoops, pattern! melx

  9. Oh Kate I love your blog! - and your knitting it all looks so homely, I love your boys jumpers I need to get a bit better with my knitting before I make jumpers for my boys, I knitted for them as babies but my last jumper for joshy was a disaster, I did a swatch square and blocked it, no dropped stitches it was perfect but at bed time we couldn't get it off his head and had to cut it! I could have cried! Hope ur all feeling better now, fliss xxx

  10. I love photos of a beach- add a couple of happy kiddos playing, and it's perfect!
    Looks lovely.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Such a delicious blog you have! Love all the yummy yarns you use. Saw your bunny tutorial via Lucy at Attic 24. It's great to have found your corner of blogland today. Will be back again soon. =)

  12. I'll be hanging out for that tea cosy pattern. My poor teapot is rather naked. Maybe it will be a good warm-up for one day knitting something really excellent, like those jumpers - amazing and so, so snug looking. Very inspired.

  13. I've only just stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to say Hi. I love your tea cosy!! Don't you love winter holidays at the beach.



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