Saturday, July 16, 2011

Milk Time Again.

This is a whole jar of cream,
Skimmed from this container of milk.

It's calving time again which means the most delicious and fresh milk is coming into the house, filled with lots of probiotics for our lactose loving family. This year with children who are now at a great and capable age, I am hoping to start making cheese. I can make butter and yogurt which is handy, but I am really keen to make feta and halloumi and marscapone and all sorts of other dairy goodness, the list goes on and on.

On the owl front, I have been taking photos of them so that they can go up onto Shar's website. She is bundling them up with a beautiful bunch of flowers and some natural baby soap, moisturiser and bath wash. Almost worth having a baby for... One of the owls has already flown away to a new home so I am feeling very excited.
Well, the fire is roaring, the vegetable garden freshly planted (with lots of actual help from Hugo), a chicken roasting (which was to be served on a bed of lemon and Parmesan risotto until I realised I had run out of rice) and hopefully, a motorbike is about to whip up the track from the dairy shed.
Have a lovely weekend,
Love Kate xxooxx.


  1. How super to have fresh dairy products.
    I would love to make cheese- looking forward to seeing yours here soon!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Wow! That sounds amazing! I jhave some realy good friends who have a dairy farm - there is nothing better than fresh, (really fresh) milk! Making cheese with it sound like a fabllous way to showcase it!

  3. Oh that's the life, fresh milk & the cream off the top, brilliant. I really want a cow, we spend a fortune on milk (family of 6 - my husband & i still love milk too) & i would happily dedicate my time to milking. Love Posie

  4. You know I'd only say this after a couple of wines on a Saturday night . . . am expecting an invite for crackers and feta some time soon. Yum!! Go you! Am so jealous xx

  5. How great to be able make your own cheese, cream, butter yum.

  6. Oh please share your cheesemaking. I'm eager to start too, but need to see if the local dairy will sell me milk. Yummo to fresh milk + cream.
    E xx



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