Friday, October 21, 2011

A Few More Bunnies.

I am amazed by how focused and inspired I feel coming out of these school holidays. The last three weeks have seen so much knitting, crocheting and reading AS WELL as quality time spent with the boys. I am slightly gobsmacked. I do enjoy school holidays, I do. It's just that usually a huge amount of work goes into keeping every one happy (which of course is not always a possibility) whereas this time, we have all hit the relax button together and been on the same wave length. I even managed to crochet some more Floss Bunnies for my friend Shar while watching the boys play cricket together (which is an incredible thing to happen as we are not particularly sporty).
I love getting them ready to go. Putting the little envelopes (containing their life stories - which are very short because let's face it, their lives are very short) around their neck and straightening their ears, plumping their bellies, searching for whiskers and remembering they don't have any....

And then of course taking the obligatory photo of them swimming in clean clothes.
Miracle of all miracles, we went away for a couple of nights to the grandparent's bach (holiday house) and wait for this..... JONNO CAME!!!! From the end of June when calving begins until almost November, it's virtually impossible for Jonno to leave the farm. Thanks to my parents in-laws' insistence and farmy help, he managed to come with us. AND he is even having most of this weekend off.
The boys have been sent off to buy take-aways as the fridge seems to have developed a strange condition where all of the vegetables have turned yellow and sort of fluffy while we have been away. None of us are willing to eat anything that dwells in there.
Have a lovely weekend.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Those bunnies are so cute, seams like you have had nice school holidays.

  2. Oh your bunnies are just tooooo cute!!! I love them :)

  3. Love the idea of them coming with their life story attached.

    Take-away is always the best solution when the fridge has abandoned you.


  4. Very cute bunnies and glad the whole family was able to get away...

  5. I love your bunnies SO MUCH but mine never look as god as yours :0{ How do you get their faces to have a shape and not be totally round? I am now a great-aunt to 7 . . soon to be 8, and I eould so like to make these for thei Easter presents.

  6. My fridge often does the same.......hehe.
    The bunnies are the soft colours.
    Nattie x

  7. How do you do them so quickly ?!?
    I need to practice MUCH more and build my skills...

  8. Kate, The news media here has started covering the knitting for New Zealand penguins phenomenon. Can you post a pattern and where to send them for your followers?

  9. The news media in the States has been running stories on knitting for New Zealand penguins. Could you find out of 'sweaters' are still needed? If so, I'd love a pattern and will have my seniors' knitting class get to work. And where to send them! Thanks.

  10. The flossy bunnie do look expectant don't they, it's like they're lined up and waiting for their new lives, something like Paddington Bear at paddington station. Glad you all got away as a family, that must have felt super duper good. Vanessa xxx

  11. I don't think people realise that when they buy a handcrafted item quite how much love comes with them. It's not just the time it takes to make them, it's the relationship the maker builds up with each one, in this case giving them a life and personality. It's lovely, and priceless.
    Penny x



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