Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Washi Tape Wooden Jewellery - a Tutorial

 Okay - first of all, the hexagon and cloud came from Spotlight - however, you can google Kasiercraft Wooden Flourishes and purchase them online in your own country - washi tape can be found by the truckload on etsy.com - have a good look around as there is such a wonderful selection.
Secondly, hole drilling - Jonno drilled mine for me but said that you could get a hand drill inexpensively from a hardware store. Good advice methinks.
So, drill your holes first - I am joining this hexagon up with two others so I have three holes in this one.
Grab your first roll of washi tape and apply a strip to your shape.
 Cut to fit so that there is about 1-2mm overlap.
 Fold around the edge making sure that it doesn't jut over the other side.
 Line up your next washi tape pattern so that it sits snugly next to the first. Repeat as with the first piece of tape.
 Continue with different patterns until the shape is covered.
 Then using a pin, gently prick the tape covering the hole until you can smooth the washi tape back to the edges of the hole.
 Et voila!
 The cloud shape is a little different. Cut enough tape so that the front and back can be covered with the same strip.
 Bring it around to the back.
 And snip once both sides are covered.
 Trim the excess tape until there is 1-2mm left, following the shape of your cloud. Snip into the v so that it folds neatly around the curves.
 At the point where the straight edge and curved edge meet, cut the tape so that first one side can be tucked under and then the other side over.
 Like that! 

 Paint with Mod Podge (or similar) to seal the washi tape and then allow to dry.
 Paint the edges carefully with acrylic paint. I like doing this after I have sealed the washi tape as then any splodges or streaks wipe off easily.
 Attach your jewellery findings and thread and start posing for photos.
Here are my three hexagons all joined up together. Note where the holes are drilled if you are after a similar effect.
I hope this tutorial made sense, please leave any questions in the comments below and I will answer them in the same section.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


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