Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to Make a Five Minute Pompom - Confetti Style....

 I love making pompoms and as birthday season rapidly approaches ( well my birthday that is), I am always compelled to add a bit of sparkle to the house. And as I like doing things quickly (because there are so many things to make and so little time), this is my quickstix way of making pompoms. 
 First of all, gather together at least 6 different balls of wool, bringing the ends together in one hand. I found it quite effective using at least three strands of white as it makes the other colours 'pop'. Start wrapping them around your other hand taking care to tuck in the tails to prevent unravelling.
 Keep wrapping evenly around the length of your fingers until the wool reaches a - fatness? a thickness? - of 2 - 3cms. Try not to cut off your circulation during this process, it is quite handy to have two sets of fingers later on.
Cut a 20cm length of wool and then carefully slip the pompom (in-waiting) off your fingers while maintaing the bundle's shape.
 Wrap the 20cm length of wool twice around the middle of the pompom bundle and pull tight.
 Tie a double knot securely and admire for a moment because it looks wonderful just as it is.
Turn the pompom bundle and with sharp scissors, begin snipping the woollen loops in half until it springs open and resembles a half squashed disco hedgehog.
Now for the fun part... Start trimming your pompom until it turns into a beautifully coiffed ball. Then if you feel like it, use a sparkly thread and sew lots and lots and lots into a garland. OR your could grab your pet dog and some double sided sticky tape (never a stapler) and attach the pompoms to it so that you end up with your very own confetti style poodle.
If you choose the garland option, string them up around the room, put on nice clothes and act a little fancy.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


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