Thursday, December 31, 2009


Just taking things quietly at the moment and recovering from the rush and fussle.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Glimpses.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed even with an early start - did I really think I would have a sleep in?
Finally, finally being given the very thing Archie had been dreaming of for years...
A bit of decoration for the table.
In prime position for the extended family present giving.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve...

The boys are in bed being read Vanessa Cabban's magical book 'Dear Father Christmas', carrots artfully arranged in the garden and Father Christmas's tray filled with sweet offerings. I was most shocked because usually he has a beer when he visits but this year has instead requested water!!!
The presents are wrapped and under the tree, stockings hung (albeit precariously) and a heavy, snoozy Christmas Eve feeling has descended upon us. No frantic making of anything tonight, just my feet propped up on the big, blue couch and a DVD. Early to bed too as I have a feeling the boys may not be too keen on a sleep in. Happy Christmas Eve xxooxxooxx.

Peeking Inside.

Can you remember this parcel from a few weeks ago that hinted mysteriously of hidden depths.
Well, now that my Mamaaa has received it I can reveal its innards... A folder covered with a bit of Cath and a lot of love for Mum to put her crochet patterns in.
The frustrating thing is that while I have lots and lots of things I want to show you, I have left my camera at my cousin's house and can't take any photos until this afternoon. AAAGGGHHH. I keep being overtaken by urges to photograph things and I can't - I know I am one for drama but it is kind of like having a limb or a sense removed... a digitally implanted sense.
Things are coming on for Christmas Eve. I am still wrapping with furious joy but am mostly revelling in having a new floor put down after 8.5 years of waiting patiently on cold concrete. It is so luxurious and of course I would be showing a photo but unfortunately cannot!
Happy Christmas Eve to you all and hopefully with a camera safely back in my hands, there may even be another post before the day's end. XXXOOOXXXOOOXXX!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Strawberry Picking.

I'll be honest with you. This expedition, the strawberry picking was the highlight of our weekend away, they hung in shiny red clusters, hot and jammy. Every year we travel down to Whakatane, pick strawberries, swim in hot pools and generally relax. It's the December treat and something we anticipate every year. But this year... it was awful. We were too tired and too stressed to be packed up into a camper van together. The fun, the sparkle, the pizazz of holidaying wasn't there and we all had to get on the best we could with cranky scratchiness erupting boil-like from our souls. I have to clarify that this is not normal for us, we holiday very well together and can handle being in enclosed spaces together... just not this time.
In fact, yesterday morning after a 5.15am (ish) wake up, we decided the best thing for it was to pack up and go home. Driving up towards the house was the closest to sheer giddy heaven I have been in quite some time. Separate bedrooms awaited us as well as personal space - loads of it.
And the strawberries... the sweetest I have ever eaten in the privacy of my own home.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Stockings and Stuff.

Sorry about Father Christmas popping up in the middle of these two photos jolting the order about. I wanted to show you how Father Christmas gets about in New Zealand, on the back of a fire truck with sirens blaring and providing a huge thrill at Hugo's picnic.
Hanging above and below F.C. are photos of Hugo's stocking (Archie has one already which I will photograph later) which is in the making. A few more stars dangling from the cuff and a name embroidered on and then Bob might be your uncle if you have an uncle called Bob.
We are off to the next Christmas concert. Apparently this one is two hours long with lots of leaving speeches by the senior students. I am definitely taking my crochet which Jonno is very jealous of. He did ask if he could take a book...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chrismas decorations and a little bit of chat.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on the wreath. I had so much fun making it although I occasionally had to remind myself when I was eyeball deep in crocheted balls that one day, there would be an end in sight. Now it is hanging up on the door, I do spend a lot of time standing in front of it, then pretending to open it whenever anyone comes in the room.
Here are a couple of photos of other things I have been working on, a Christmas decoration for Archie's teacher and a pattern very much a work in progress. I have worked out though that if you put one stuffed ball into an incomplete ball, you end up with a head wearing a hood! I know I am supposed to be finishing presents and not starting new projects but it is just so hard.
I am now very much in the home stretch of Christmas prep. thank goodness. AND I am shocked to say, very much ready for school holidays too. The thought of rising early to hurry children off to school is becoming to hard. The whole family will be happy when the boys can sneak downstairs, watch a few cartoons and rummage through the pantry unguarded.
Better put some dinner on, I am so hungry all of a sudden I think I have become almost waif-like, or at least see-through.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Wreath of Crocheted Balls.

Yay, it's done. I wish I could write more but I am running late for Christmas drinks. More tomorrow. XXOOXXOOXX.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Today is my mum's birthday...

Today is my mum's birthday and as I am in another country, I have spent the day sending her super-sonic hugs hoping they will ripple their way across the ocean to her. She is a good girl my mum - very lovely but also very funny with the odd moment of secret wickedness. Her present is running a little late so I thought if I included a smiling grandson in this post, the warmth of it might carry her through until the parcel arrives.
So Mum, I love you, I honestly do think you are the best Mum in the world, I feel proud when people tell me how much I look like you but... I would feel even prouder if they told me I have the same heart as you. Happy Birthday Mum!!!
P.S. The other photos are just a little bit of what I have been up to. More tomorrow.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wry Koala Bags and Cotton Wool.

This is my favourite bag. My mum's friend made it for me when I was very little (screen printed and everything) and has remained a constant part of my life ever since. Every now and then when all of my other bags become morbidly obese with stuff, my wallet slips into this one, pushing past whatever project I am working on and becomes a town bag. I thought I would hand it onto the boys but they just don't seem to get the sentimentality of it so I have decided that it will be mine until the end of time. It's not often that someone makes a koala bag for you after all.
Archie thought I had better stick this mouse creature on the label. I think he was right.
And here is some cotton that arrived yesterday in the mail from South Seas Knitting. I think it is somewhere between a 10 and 12 ply and am thinking of all sorts of things to do with them. Something little that will come out big maybe.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just Goodness.

Now that I am on my self-enforced quiet week, I am finding a bit of juice in living again. Having the head space to see sunlight dance through beads and hydrangeas and to enjoy an unfinished project perch on a table as it waits for me. I have even discovered that under all of the dirt and grit, my house is a really lovely place to live. The garden still has a few wild tendrils beckoning me although I am happy to let them wander as there is a little bit of magic to be had in that.
Sometimes we do just need to spend time with ourselves don't we...
I had better include a few details from my last post - the stamp was given to me by my cousin who just visited San Fransisco. The brand is Hero Arts and shouldn't be too hard to track down. The gorgeous blue lacy stuff was from a shop called 'Tail of the Yak' which was apparently amazing, she also bought me lots of ribbon from there too. I have to say, she spoilt me thoroughly and I will show more photos of all the bits and bobs another day.
I am really excited about the crochet above. In the thick of Christmas present making, I suddenly had the inspired and crazy idea of making placement settings for family. After a while though, I started going slightly mad and shoved it down to the end of the couch with a hiss. This morning cleaning up, a picture flashed through my head of a place mat with a comet-like tail streaking across the table. This way you could have a salad on it and then salad dressing on the next one and then salt or pepper or I don't know, mustard or something on the following. Can't wait to finish it now... and then make a salad.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pompoms, Fabric and Stamps.

This week I am really not finding the balance between work, rest and soul space. The craziness of the year's end has somehow culminated in this particular week and as a result, I have turned into a pitiful blogger (let alone human being). There were all sorts of things I was going to say about each picture but I might save that for another time. Instead, I am going to relish listening to the rain outside, anticipate going to Hugo's end of year play tonight and breathe deeply.
We all have our moments of fatigue and madness don't we - and we get through them too. When I find myself in the middle of these times I slow right down for a few minutes and ask myself what advice would I give to a friend. My answer today was to spend next week (with the exception of Archie's athletics day) at home and say a very polite no to any invitations of delicious socialising that comes my way. It makes me feel as though I have a holiday coming my way. Have a cosy night.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Stuff Like Sweetpeas and Pom-poms...

My feet are beginning to touch the ground again after being in a golden bubble watching a new little life start working out what it is to be alive. I loved having my own babies but somehow, not being fatigued and bewildered by having given birth, it is just so much more fun watching a friend's baby being born.
So kind of back to normal today which was actually lovely. I am very much in the mode of Christmas present thinking so I finished a few bits and pieces and now am beginning to tackle a few decorations for the house. Because we have every second Christmas in Australia, it is really exciting having a New Zealand one where we can have a tree and get a little festive with friends. My latest little bit revolves around making lots of pom-poms (very quick with a pom-pom maker) and threading them onto waxed cotton. Better than tinsel any day (mind you, I really, really love tinsel...).
And then the other thing is finally sewing all of the crochet balls which I made a little while ago onto a knitted wreath. This one is going to be very good for doing in front of the T.V.
Oh dear, a toilet emergency, I had better go. Hope you have all had a good weekend.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A New Baby... Just Not For Me.

I haven't been at home very much for the last couple of days. Instead I have been in a magical universe with some friends who have just given birth to a beautiful little girl. I was lucky enough to be their support person, however, like the midwife, I missed the actual birth because she popped out into the world so quickly. Luckily since then there has been huge need for a tea-maker and that is something I can do very happily (even if I do drink the majority myself).
I have been busy making things and will show photos of pretty, sparkly stuff another time but right now the big blue couch is calling me.


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