Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Greedy For Colour's 200th Post and the Lucky Winner.

Archie's Eyeful Tower - I am pretending he made it in triumph of Greedy For Colour's 200th post!
Cups of tea to celebrate and remember how far we've come.
And the evolution of ideas from one photo to the next.
Okay, time to announce the winner of THE GREAT BIG GREEDY GIVEAWAY but first, because there has been such delicious honesty from all the participants I had better include one of my (many) stories. I am greedy for food, for crafting materials and yes... for colour, but most of all I am greedy for attention - my whole family can testify to this, I'm the youngest for heaven's sake. Anyhoo, one day I was feeling particularly hungry for good attention from my mum and must have worked out the best way to do this was to slightly alienate my older sister (it was also most likely doubling as revenge for some dreadful thing she did to me). With my heart drumming in my ears just like footsteps, I reached for a ball point pen and wrote her name on a pink and white gingham bedspread. It was perfect, Mum was very cross indeed with Lucy, ignoring her protestations of innocence.... until. Yes, unfortunately I was quickly caught as I had left the sheet of paper I had been practising Lucy's signature on by the bed. Not my finest hour but keep in mind I was only five. In fact reading this story out to my husband I am crippled with a very faint tinge of remorse, maybe not crippled but faintly rippled - so Lucy there will be an apology brooch coming out to you.
I have to say it was the hardest thing choosing one answer as they were all so funny and I just love that you were all so open in your answers. I have to admit there was a short list of four in the end and a special mention must go to daylesford organics with her secret berry patch feasting, Gina with the most wonderfully bizarre mushroom story I have ever heard and dianna with her intense greed for a box of wool despite the fact she despite her inability to knit.
Now, on to the winner. Because I have a slight whiff of guilt, I have to admit there was one particular entry that filled me with the reassurance I was not the only one to frame a sibling in greedy pursuit. So congratulations M* (Melanie), you had me in stitches. Here is her post:
"I was worried that the tale I am about to tell is not a greedy tale but after checking the dictionary definition I am pleased (?) to say that it may just fit the definition...Greedy - having or showing an intense and selfish desire to do something...When I was little (around 5 yo) I had the urge to draw on the inside of the kitchen cupboards with crayon. I knew it was wrong and I knew I'd get in trouble but I really really wanted to do it. The inside of the cupboards were painted with white matt paint, a beautiful surface to draw on!Sooo, because I wanted to do it and didn't want to get into to trouble for it I decided to draw pictures with my left hand so that it looked like my little brother drew on them. He was two years younger than me and still drew very simple styled drawings. When mum discovered the pictures she was furious. She got very angry at my brother who denied having done it (he hadn't!) while I sat and watched and didn't say a thing, after all the evidence all pointed to him.About 10 years ago I finally confessed to my mum that it was in fact me who had drawn on the cupboards. She was horrified!! It was really bad. What an atrocious child I was!".
Thank you so much for taking part of my 200th post celebration and thank you to everyone for for all of your feedback and reading of the blog. Without it it would be a flimsy piece of paper floating in the wind - thanks for catching it in your nets. Take care and lots of love xx00xx00xx00xx.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hi - sorry about the repetitiveness of crochet pictures at the moment. I do other things too but this obsession combined with rainy weather is creating the perfect storm for tea cups and mice... this too shall pass. Just a little note tonight to remind everyone the the GREAT BIG GREEDY GIVEAWAY (as my sister calls it) closes tomorrow night and I would hate for anybody to miss out. So go on, enter - or at least read some of the stories, inner demons are so entertaining.
p.s. I loathe the handle of this cup and am coming up with a new patten so don't take the photo too seriously - mind you, I don't know how you would take the photo seriously, would you peer over your low slung glasses, wear some kind of special blog reading hat and tell everyone that it is news time?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

An early morning crochet mouse.

If this little boy asked you to crochet a mouse, would you say no? Especially when he is part mouse and needs more mousy relations?
When Hugo woke this morning there was a little mousy cousin waiting on the kitchen table for him.
There it is.
And as for me, back to making little beads by the fire after I have finished all of my morning jobs... such as cleaning and tidying and ensuring our clothes don't give us tetanus. Let me tell you, it's about time, the motivation comes from Hugo asking a friend wide eyed "Do you clean your house?". Hmmph.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Early morning crochet creatures.

If I have made something for the boys in the evening, I love to put it on the kitchen table before creeping up the stairs to bed. This morning it was this little pink creature and for Archie, it was love. Hopefully tomorrow morning there will be a tiny mouse on the table for Hugo.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Creative Space

My creative space needs three things:
1. A cup of tea to lure the good ideas and flush the ridiculous.
2. Good light because without it we are just fumbling limbs in a yarn cobweb.
3. Good materials otherwise all that will be are creations of macaroni, string and odd socks (which is fine if you are five but I am not).
More creative spaces are to be found hanging out at Kirsty's.
And for a bit of excitement, I am having a giveaway so ENTER (if you dare).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crochet dolls and bug doctor kits.

Little things seem to be coming from my hands all stigmata-like at the moment. I have decided temporarily against world domination, taken a bit of pressure off and am now just having fun experimenting with everybodys birthday presents. Archie has a friend who loves bugs and insects so I have made her a doctor kit (maybe I should make myself a psychology kit, I quite like analysing friends and giving them unsolicited advice - for free what a bargain!).
Last night was spent in deep consultation with my 'Crobots' book. The Russian doll looked most tempting for a beginner... I left off her roboty bits though - I'll add them next time. Enough of the ramble and back to the birthday grindstone!
Oh yes, go and enter my giveaway, it's worth it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a bowl of sunlight and beads

Here is something that filled me with a bit of cheer. A bowl that not only provides safe harbour to beads but also reaches out its sides in prayer, catching the sun as it streams through the glass.

Unfinished Projects and Unfinished Me

I have so many unfinished projects floating around and an affliction called 'sudden onset of buttery craft fingers' where every time I pick something up I just happen to make it a little worse. It's kind of like a creative adolescence where everything I do is just a little awkward. I am hoping this stage will go quickly... so far it has been around for a week. Maybe it's a transition stage and there is something new and amazing waiting for me on the other side. Oh well, better go and push through the membranes of life and find the light waiting for me.
By the way click here for my splendid giveaway and join - or just read the comments, they're hilarious.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Big Giveaway Competition

As I have mysteriously been hinting, I am about to have a big giveaway to celebrate Greedy For Colour's 200th post.... (can you believe it, finally my little blog is growing up) and also to revel in opening my first online shop ever! All you have to do is leave a comment below telling about a time you have been really, really greedy, so greedy in fact that it is a little known story and possibly, your mama doesn't even know about it. I have to admit, I will be looking for the best anecdote so dig deep into your worst (and funniest) self.
Oh yes, the prize...... hmmmmm... the tension is unbearable..... I can't stand it.... here we go... a brooch (resin or crochet - it's your choice) and a crochet necklace... it's worth it... come on.... blurt it all out... you know you want to.
Oh and I will announce the winner on Tuesday, 30th June.

Blackboard Stickers

I had so many questions about Hugo's blackboard stickers I thought I had better do a post on them. They were on sale (in New Zealand) in a shop called 'dog's breakfast trading company'. Looking at their label I have noticed they have an online store too. I think they are the bargain of the year, $9.95 down to $4.95, I also bought these pillowcases for $3.95 each. Don't you just love a good buy (and not the kind that leaves you feeling a little hollow later when you realise that sure the earmuffs were cheap but it just doesn't get that cold in the Bay of Plenty...). Later on this afternoon I will be announcing the giveaway so hover awkwardly but still enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Creative Space...

When Archie was born over six years ago, an entire room was built and claimed for him, painted aqua blue and hung with curtains of Cath Kidston cowboys (and Ikea ticking to make Cath spread herself a little further - that doesn't sound so good does it...).
Before Hugo was born three years ago, we partitioned off some of our living area (there was room for it), put a cot in and hung some blankets over a wooden piece of dowel drilled in above the window. Hugo was no less loved or appreciated, there just didn't seem to be as much available time.
Now with a bit more time and sanity (thank you to Hugo's preschool), Hugo's room is becoming my creative space as I start to transform it into something a little less jail-like. His other walls are unpainted and with the gib-stopping, there is a faintly evocative of jail..
So with these new blackboard sticker we chose together this morning, we are on the way. Maybe tonight instead of a story, we could sit down with a paint chart and choose a colour for the other walls. Kind of a nice beginning for Hugo to have his own creative space.
I my creative space was becoming slightly monochromatic so felt I had better add some splashes of colour. We went to the wool shop this morning and I finally lashed out for this ball of wool I had been having lascivious thoughts over for quite some time. It is a cashmere/silk/merino blend and is slightly flecked like a well loved t-shirt.
The balls above are top ups for the hexagon blanket which suddenly seems to be charging ahead. Lots of love to everybody - Thursday and Friday are such lovely blog catch up days aren't they and a big thank you to Kirsty for letting us all run wild and being our creative mother hen.
More creative spaces are over here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My New Shop.

Just a little post to say that I have opened a new shop (click on the Felt button on the top right hand corner) and will be putting lots of goodies in there over the next week. To celebrate this and my upcoming 200th post, a big giveaway will be happening in a couple of weeks so keep an eye out!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My granny was a maker... and the nature of fame.

This making bug that inhabits our family has come down the lines from way back. My granny was an amazing potter, painter and silversmith. She made a green, enamel spoon which I hang on my wall and my cousin tells me she made pesto back in the seventies. She had little pottery jars around the house filled with treasures and didn't mind that the first thing I would do on arrival was to sort through them all. She had a dog called Fred and used to find pieces of wood that looked like him. In the laundry she had great big, green glass fisherman buoys and along the back glassed porch she had sea grass matting. In her garden were fat roses and snapdragons. She lived across the road from a milk bar and they stocked lollies. Above the counter was a photo of Mel Gibson hugging the milk bar family. They said he was nice. When she hugged us she used to rub our backs. My sister thought she was checking for bra straps. She wasn't. It's just how she hugged. Her husband died from a long, drawn out illness and she raised her five children alone and ran a farm. It was only when she was sixty after a heart attack when she discovered her abilities for creating anything she set her mind to. And for twentyish years she spent everyday creating. In our family she is famous and as important an artist as Picasso. We display her works wherever we can and she will never be forgotten.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Softie Robot...

Archie was having another day at home, more a recovery day really as his temperature is back down to normal again. A plumping back up to good health day. I had been looking at some beautiful sites softies central being one of them and felt inspired to do some crafting with the little wee fella.
Archie was very excited and took over design team's helm. I have to admit I did the sewing but he was in charge of the whole look and the colours..... THE COLOURS.... I couldn't believe it... his sense of colour is amazing. I know it is easy to think I did a lot of steering but it came from him. Mind you, this is a boy who loves to sleep under a floral duvet as he considers himself to be (like the men in Jonno's family), a wonderful gardener.
The robot itself is pretty rough as I was sewing under impatient eyes (and I am not a softies maker) so all in all, Archie and I came out the other side extremely happy campers. And it's cuddly too. I think it passes.
By the way, the crochet parts were rejects from other projects. I have quite a few of them and am so glad they now have a purpose in life.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


It just makes you feel good.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Crochet Frames

You can tell by the photos how gloomy the light was yesterday morning but so, so cosy inside. I surrounded myself with origami paper, washi paper, watercolour board and watercolour paintings and set to work making the little pieces I mentioned yesterday.
Then last night when the boys were safely tied to their beds I began the process of crocheting frames for the pictures which wasn't that easy as I was in convulsions of laughter watching Will Ferell's 'Stepbrothers'. I can't resist a manchild.
A sick child and recovering husband are on the menu today so a very quiet day in our house. I think my nursing duties might include curling up on the couch with Archie, a DVD and some crochet. Hugo seems to be entertaining himself outside, gumboots, puddles, bowls, spoons and boats. I guess I could throw some food out to him when he begins to look a little savage.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Beginnings of Little Things.

Some little collages are about to grow crochet frames.

New(ish) colour combinations.

Sometimes I feel as though I have been staring at my basket of wool for too long and I am beginning to tire of the faces looking back at me. That's usually about the time I embark on a trip to town to visit my favourite shop, '11th Ave Wool'. However, keeping the rest of the world company, we are having to tighten the purse strings (I wish I had a purse with strings) and limit these exhilarating kinds of excursions.
Last night when I began to hit the brick wall of hexagoning (which is an essential part of the process otherwise I would never get to bed) I had a chance encounter with some very soft colours and suddenly, with energy renewed, went a little free-form. I am now feeling pretty happy with this new combination and can't wait to do a bit more circle work.
By the way, is there anybody out there who also thinks electricity is really a scientific word for magic?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Creative Space... night and day.

I feel so good. From the tips of my toes to my innermost cadbury creme egg soul I am tingling with the satisfaction that comes from tidying up my craft table. In fact, I tackled the whole upstairs room and turned it into some sort of grown-up haven that you imagine in your wildest dreams. When I ascend upstairs, I really am travelling upwards to the heavens. It is glorious.
I thought I had better include my night-time creative space too, the turquoise table that is providing the legs for my hexagon blanket. Each night as I sit down on the big, blue couch, I feel as though I am embarking on a giant and extremely tactile puzzle (except nicer than a puzzle because you know that one day it will leap up and enfold you in its warm embrace and let's face it, that is something a puzzle will never do).
For more creative spaces, disapperate (I don't have time to look up the official Harry Potter spelling) here.


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