Monday, February 23, 2009

Cath Kidston Lampshade

I think I may have over picnik -ed this painting - a little bit like too much botox where lines are removed at the expense of humanity and emotion. Oh well. Good to be back on the blogging machine. We had a little break in Auckland and went to the zoo. Hugo carried a little tin around filled with grass and carefully selected the animals he would feed it to. The rhinoceroses were the lucky recipients. He was a bit disappointed they didn't rush over to his outstretched chubby little hand but understood that if he threw it over the fence, they would eat the grass later when it was quiet. Once again the most disturbing thing was seeing the orangutans, their play reflecting our children's too strongly. It just seemed so wrong to be looking at them through bars. We should have been eating cake with them, or fleas.

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