Friday, February 27, 2009

a good book

what an appropriate book for me to be reading at the moment. so good though, a little bit brutal at times but certainly prods you into thinking. also the kind of book that you chew over long after it has finished and continues to taste like warm toast. it is also very easy to hold with one hand and happily stays open on the page of interest rather than trying repeatedly to convince you that the only worthwhile bit of reading is on page 133.


  1. OK, here I am, your mother if you are confused!! I have always felt I didn't want to be an obvious mother who raved about her children's achievements but now under pressure I am 'coming out'! I really love all that yoy are doing, your paintings are really FUN and such happy light filled and warm pieces of magic. The shoes are amazing maybe you could have some-one make them up in real life! Now you are limited with what you can do so it will be very interesting to see where your work can go using your left hand when you feel more able. Godmother Lou,[lucy'] broke her thumb when in America, right hand and then had to have it reset when she came home, went to life class and the teacher was very impressed with the way in which she then drew and ultimately painted. Using the right side of the brain. Anyway enough for the first effort so lots of love and speak soon! MUM

  2. thanks mum - waht a delight to find your message waiting for me. I love you!



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