Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Rainiest Night.

Today our house has been an ark while over 7 inches of rain fell into the cocoa powdered earth. The boys and I huddled inside with my brother and his girlfriend (her hands are featured above) who kept vigil knitting as all good women do during times of need. Jonno however, went out with steely grit setting his jaw at right angles and tenderly alleviated his cows' swollen udders. Their tendrilled breath sent whispers of steamed thank yous to their gentle-eyed master. Jonno has just corrected my vision so I am now imagining a hot and sticky shed with the cows languid and Jonno wiping sweat from his beleaguered brow.
Hugo is having a little pre-birthday morning tea tomorrow and his little goodie bags are bursting with anticipation. My baby will be three on Monday. When did he stop crawling?

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