Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beaches, Treasure and Mud Pies.

We have just had our first proper weekend of camping with the boys at the beach. They spent the whole time either playing with rocks and waves or concocting cement from sand and dirt. It has been one of those moments when you see the tips of your own childhood meeting up with theirs and the magic they are creating returns to too. When we arrived home we built a fire in the back paddock and cooked damper. As the family of a dairy farmer, weekends are extremely precious as they are very rare so for once, it was the best feeling to know that every minute was eaten with relish.
The golden coins above were hidden by a crafty female pirate that snuck down to the beach moments before her family. An astonished little boy fishing with his father watched as the boys kept discovering treasure. I noticed him creep over when the frenzy had finished to see if there were any left undiscovered and noting his disappointment, we shared some gold with him. I know their expectations of that beach will now always be ridiculously high but it was so wonderful to see their delight.

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