Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Origami Lampshades and a Few Flowers

A morning of actually finishing a couple of paintings. I feel as though of puzzle pieces are starting to butt against eachother in the hopes of creating something slightly cohesive..... I also cooked a proper meal for the first time in three weeks (I haven't been able to hold a knife) with actual chopping and no potatoes thrown casually into the oven.... and biscuits too! It's odd how easily some afternoons can flow with so much achieved and how others can be like wading through molasses. What is the freeing up factor and does it come in pill form - actually, I think I just described speed and that is not good so I might just avoid drug references next time.

Fingers crossed that Jonno can get the video player picking up Prime so I can record 'True Blood' with Anna Paquin. It's by the makers of 'Six Feet Under' which is one of my all time favourite shows and even better, is about vampires. It has been way too long since 'Buffy' finished and I am ready to see some more fangs on TV.


  1. Just watched True Blood. What a hoot. My partners Great Grandfathers was called Bill Compton (the lead vampires name). Better keep watching I think!

  2. My partner only had one Great Grandfather on his paternal side named Bill Compton. Typing is getting messy - time for bed.

  3. Hi Ramari - it's like it is your destiny to watch True Blood. I saw the first few minutes before going to bed - we taped it - and I went to bed knowing that life was going to be good.



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