Thursday, March 26, 2009

Origami Paper Flowers in Resin

Finally we have done it. Last night Jonno and I put on our matching face masks and cracked open a tin of resin. It kind of felt a bit like a date because it has been so long since the two of us have had an adventure on our own. The mixture wasn't quite right so it took about 18 hours to completely dry with me checking in on it every two minutes. Next time I will try and set it with the brooch backs set into them. I'm thinking brooches, pendants mobiles, Christmas decorations, coasters, houses, cars, maybe I am getting a bit carried away. Can't wait to do some more playing tomorrow.


  1. I am delighted Jonno and you have finally done it!! The resin pieces are beautiful! Can't wait to get one in the mail next week! Love moi xoxoxo

  2. What fun these are, so beautiful, and a great way to preserve favourite little bits and pieces.



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