Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Trees and Wings.

I am so excited to put my wreath up. I worked on it for so many months here and there between projects last year and it is now so lovely to think it will always be a part of our Christmas.
And Hugo's angel that he made when he was three (now he is almost five and going on a school visit this week!!!).
In between decorating the tree we had some friends call in. Half way through our cups of tea they discovered that their daughter needed angel wings for a concert in the afternoon. I love having tissue paper and tulle resting on the kitchen table ready for action.
Hugo commented just then that we should keep the tree up all year round "'cause it looks really beautiful".
Lots and lots of tissue paper flowers (I am working on a tutorial to post tomorrow right now). The tree is also going to be used as a centrepiece for the garden wedding in January so I am going to leave the flowers and crystal droplets and remove the more Christmassy stuff after the 25th.
A Hugo cluster of decorations.

Mess can be the best carpet.
The tulle flowers catching some afternoon light.
We are so excited to be heading into the Christmas season (apart from all of the rushing around and late nights). Only one more week until we go to Australia for the big family catch up. In the mean time, it is packing, readying the house for house sitters and making flowers when I can.
Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Oh these gorgeous glimpses of your world! Love the wreath! So pleased we're getting a tutorial for the flowers! Can we have a photo of your whole tree? It looks intriguing. Are you staying with Aubry for Christmas? Loads of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Hi , can't wait for the tutorial... jennyx

  3. Love your wreath and those flowers are so sweet.

  4. Your wreath us STUNNING!!!!!! You are so clever.



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