Friday, April 8, 2011

Bunnies and Pie... Not Bunnies in Pie!!!

This is Floss.
She would like to play the ukulele but unfortunately lacks opposible (this is a word that I really don't know how to spell and it seems that spell check can't even help out with it - corrections in comments would be very gratefully accepted) thumbs. If truth be told, she doesn't have any thumbs. It makes hitch hiking very difficult.
We are gearing up for the weekend. Last night Jonno and Hugo made a gluten free mince pie for dinner and now the miniature human being is thinking lots of apple pie-ey thoughts, something I am more than happy to help with. Archie has lots of plans for lego and listening to ipod stories and I think I am going to be doing a bit of crochet. Even when Jonno is working, weekends are still good.

Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.


  1. Bunny stories over on my blog
    I love ur blog by the way.

  2. What a cute bunny. Pie looks yummy. Have a great weekend.
    Hen x

  3. Floss is adorable !! Love her little flower :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. opposable
    not that Floss cares...
    enjoy your weekend!

  5. Too too adoreable. Still having fun with your eggs. Made a flora one with ears!!!

  6. Oh Floss is just adorable...Thumbless and all...
    I love her face...and the expression is just so friendly...Great work!!!

  7. Hey Kate, Floss is such a sweetie, lovin' that little flower on her ear........
    We haven't lit our heater yet, but I am waiting and keeping an eye on the weather forecast.....
    Can't beat sitting by the heater with a bit of crochet in the evenings, enjoying a slice of apple pie, yum......

    Hope your weekend is full of lovely Autumn weather,

    Claire :}

  8. I forgot to ask...Do you have the pattern for Floss?

  9. Such a cute bunny and a lovely pie! Any chance you could give us the gluten-free recipe? LOVE< LOVE: LOVE all the things that you make and then write about them!!
    Kay Guest

  10. Ah, Floss is beautiful!
    My seven year old said please could your seven year old post some photos of his Lego too so that he can look at them? (He loved the idea of your boy looking at his!) A bit of trans-global reciprocal Lego appreciation going on here...
    Have a lovely weekend
    Emily x

  11. Hi from Menorca island (Spain). I've just discovered your blog and I follow you since now. Love your works.
    This bunny is lovely!
    Carmen xx

  12. Good evening! Well it is here in the UK ;-) I just LOVE your bunny! So cute! Have a fun week. Ros



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