Friday, April 15, 2011

Rabbits with Labels.

It must be Easter...

Here are some words directly from the mouth of Hugo to take into the weekend with you:

"To hide from predators that eat Humans; Paint yourself and your clothes green and then you will look like a lock of grass. Don't do this around elephants".

Lots of love,

Kate xxooxx.


  1. From the mouths of babes.......
    Lovely bunnies.

  2. Just been browsin through your site, I love all your crochet creations... cute!

  3. Wonderful bunnies and I love their names too! Happy crafting~stop by my blog for a giveaway tomorrow if you have a chance!!

  4. I'm just feeling slightly faint from the beauty of all the flower photographs you've posted recently, you must have the best light in the world, and it looks like you have the most beautiful flowers in the world Kate. I do love the beautiful world you present us with kate (though I'm sure we just get to see the beautiful parts). When I read Hugo's words on how to disguise yourself I let out a snort, all over the keyboard! Happy easter Kate, and how are the Slipper Sisters doing these days, talking of Easter, and therefore thinking of bunnies? Love Vanessa xxx

  5. I love your bunnies. Do you sell your patterns and if so how do I go about purchasing them?



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