Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting Colourful.

I am still spending a lot of time working out Christmas wreaths for the workshop coming up in November and stumbled across this tutorial through pinterest. I loved making the flowers from felt as originally suggested in the post but then had a go with corduroy and felt they came to life. I am slightly obsessed so all I am saying, is that it is at your own peril if you come to visit wearing corduroy pants.

The birds are beginning to nest which is wonderful to see them so at home.
The flowers are disappointingly nectarless though.
And here is my last project coming along. A knitted hexagon cushion with a pattern that I AM WRITING NOW!!!! It is so easy and satisfying and I know I have a million patterns to post already in line but this one I must put up first.
Oh dear, is that the time. I had better go and pick up the boys from their friend's house.
Lots and lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. It's all looking so good, looks like your enjoying yourself.

  2. Love the corduroy flowers on your wreath, I'm very tempted to give one a go!

  3. Eeeek! Too exciting for this time of day! Love the cord flowers and as for the hexie knitting!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the end product. Your posts always get my creative juices flowing! xxxx

  4. Like it! It's so colorful and wonderful =)

  5. Looking good, Kate. You are keeping busy!
    Hen x

  6. Oh I really like the corduroy idea. Great pic too.

  7. I have a complete corduroy fetish as well, my son appears to have inherited it as well. Yay! Your hexy cushion is looking gorgeous. melx

  8. Hello, I've just discovered your prety blog and wanted to say that I have been dreaming about a knitted hexagon blanket for some time now and love the look of your hexagons for your cushion. Look frward to seeing your pattern xox



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