Thursday, September 8, 2011


It really, really, really seems to be Spring at long last. The breeze has this new quality which I call (for some strange reason) ice cream air where it wafts by in layers of warm and cold and smells slightly floral. It really is delicious, good quality air in New Zealand at the moment...
My daffodils are all trumpeting about and giving me lots of inspiration to make things yellow and orange coloured - they are such cheerful colours aren't they - and they tend to give such a lift to multi-coloured projects.
Right now in our house it is very exciting because I have my Dad and StepMum (Fafa and Granny Lou Lou) staying. The boys are in heaven as there are always willing eyes to watch their amazing tricks and patient (amused) ears ready to listen to all of their stories.
Fafa and Granny Lou Lou are very, very happy to spend their holidays eating bananas. Apparently in Australia, bananas are between $16-$18 per kg. because of the storms and flooding in Queensland. In New Zealand they are around $1.99 per kg. because they are sourced from the Philippines - not very eco friendly I know but we don't buy them very often, just when our potassium levels begin to dip. Right now I have a banana cake baking in the oven. When bananas are that expensive, they must be eaten straight away and so, a cake is true luxury.
Anyhoo, I had better hang some washing on the line while the sun is shining and remember to take the baking out of the oven.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. mmm...banana cake...

  2. They are slowly going down in price, about $11 a kilo in Melbourne at the moment...

  3. It is funny to read about it being spring on your side of the world. Here in my little neck of the world in Hindsville, AR we are finally getting rid of the opresive heat wave that we had. Now if we could only get some rain. Hope your nana cake was yummy!! Enjoy spring!!

  4. gorgeous colours Kate. And have fun with the grandies. They're worth a few bucks a kilo too . . . treasures!

  5. Aaaaah, just the sort of post I need on this damp and windy day in England! I remember New Zealand springs - sigh...
    I think I have some over-ripe bananas knocking about in my freezer - I feel that a cake may just be in order
    Emily x

  6. Oh you poor dears, bananas are our cheapest fruit. We can regularly get them for about $.55 per pound here. Even though we are in the mid-west of the US and nanas are grown far from here, they are a staple in our house. I am going to truly appreciate them from now on. I usually buy about 4 pounds at a time and use them daily for smoothies and banana bread and just to eat. I hope the prices come down and we will cherish every banana we eat. Love the stuff you make too.

  7. Oh daffs! Only about 6 more months for us here in the UK to wait...Enjoy your Spring!



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