Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life on the Table.

The Spring Equinox has roared its way into New Zealand and we are taking shelter inside with our fire stoked back up again, crochet, slow roasted lambs and board games. Dad is teaching Archie to play Chess and enthralling him with stories of ancient Persia and armies and battles.
Jonno and Hugo opted for Guess Who. They look like an advertisement for it don't they...
Lots and lots of drawing has been appearing while the rain sweeps sideways. This is Hugo's King.
And as for me, more little Floss Bunnies.
Lots and lots of love from a wind swept land,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. This post warms my heart . . . every one looks so happy at what they are doing.

    I think I shall make a couple of your bunnies . . . I keep saying I will and, I think that now is the time :0}

  2. Lovely lovely lovely. It seems the wet weather is world wide, although in the UK they are blowing away quite quickly. You do make beautiful babies, both the boy and bunny kind!
    Best Wishes

  3. What a gorgeous post full of lovely family activity. The photo Jonno and you littlest man is adorable.
    Anne xx

  4. How nice for your boys to have their Grandad around to play with. Thats the best thing of all.

  5. everything you do is just so mystical and beautiful. loved this.



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