Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Almost there.

The hexie cushion is almost finished. I just have to fiddle around with the sides and then I can post the pattern.
It has been such a pleasure to knit and a real joy to see all of the colours coming together.
When you knit and watch t.v. do you sometimes then associate the garment and the movie/show forever after. This cushion makes me think of 'The King's Speech' which is a very nice thing.
This little thing I am not so sure of. Lolly teeth never fail to entertain.
The first rose of Spring. Even as I type this I can smell it's perfume wafting my way. I almost feel like weeping to think all of my beautiful roses are beginning to bud up.
I know these birds aren't real but this did strike me as a little cruel.
Well, I don't know how it is for the rest of the world - and certainly not for the northern hemisphere but here, in this little patch of New Zealand, Spring has definitely sprung. The petals from our blossom tree are floating their way around the garden lazily on the warm air currents and coating the ground pink. My broad beans and snow peas are covered in little flowers and I know that it will not be long until we are feasting upon them. I always forget how much I love Spring until it comes... oh of course... and it is almost my birthday.... (the 10th of October if anybody is wondering).
Anyhoo, I had better rescue dinner from the oven. Food would be such a good way to end the day.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. All your work is looking good. So clever.

  2. Here, in France, today should be the last day of summer unfortunately.

  3. There's a little papier mache corpse hanging in my kitchen too! Thanks for a lovely morning, see you soon xx

  4. This is such a gorgeous cushion. Love your mix of just the right colours :)

  5. this is so great! You did such a good job. AND I love the crochet blanket in the back ground. I really want to do something (maybe a cushion!??) with white and bright colours like that.

  6. LOVE that cushion!
    Wish I could knit.
    (laughed at the lolly teeth photo too!)
    have a great week and enjoy the spring. Here in the UK it's turning autumnal.

  7. Who WAS that mud-caked child you sent home yesterday? Never mind, decided to keep her anyway, she seemed quite nice, and after a shower looked remarkably like Cleo...

  8. The cushion is GORGEOUS! Love the colours

  9. Hey Kate...we've got history! I remember this time last year, as you were going into spring and I was going into Autumn, thinking of you and your roses, and enjoying the fact that at least you had the sun, even if I didn't. And here we are again! A year on. friends. Cool eh? Loooove the cushion. I'm stuck with mine. Grrr xxxxx

  10. Hi just been reading through your posts , what a lovely blog you have , love the cushion toox

  11. Those mugs are super cute! Happy Birthday, by the way! :)

  12. this is so great! You did such a acceptable job. AND I adulation the adornment absolute in the aback ground. I absolutely wish to do something (maybe a cushion!??) with white and ablaze colours like that.



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