Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crafty Joy.

I can't believe it has almost been a week since my last post... With school holidays ending and a new term starting, the days have slipped through my fingers faster than sand. However, we have all been very busy with our makings over the last week and I've managed to catch a few of them on camera before they were sent out to the world.
Above are Hugo's plans for a butterfly tree hut. Don't you love the flowers and the big smile, our plane tree is very friendly.
I've been crocheting lots and lots of gardenia floral brooches for my friend's shop. I have made so many now that every time I open my hands I seem to find another one unfurling in my palm.
My roses beginning to flower again. There are so many tight green buds springing up that the house will be awash with them in a couple of weeks.
The boys had to have some injections for various things a couple of days ago. Archie was keen to be photographed with his reward... a packet of Smints (they were both desperate for them - I really don't understand, wouldn't you prefer a packet of Smarties?). He was so brave, volunteering to go first so Hugo wouldn't have to and then keeping a poker face during the whole procedure so as not to alarm his little brother.
The day after, Hugo decided he needed to have Ted Ted at school with him. We were both a little afraid his furry friend may get lost so he made a paper one to take with him instead. I wish we thought of this when he was at pre-school as I lived in constant fear of T.T. being left behind.
I love the placement of the face stripes - oh yes, T.T. is really a cat.
One of Hugo's friends is turning six on the weekend. I decided to make her a floral head band which has really turned into one of my highlights for the week.
I still have a few more flowers to stitch on but fortunately Tinkerbell was very happy to model it for me.
She loved it... no, really.
I had better pop away and start making up the guest bed as my mum is flying to New Zealand tomorrow. I can't wait!!!!
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Can you to share the gardenia's patterns please. Sorry for my bad english.

  2. Love the flowers, the headband is fantastic. Your children are very cute too.

  3. Definately an idea there in making pretties for cats. Yours looks fab in the headband.

    What a great older brother - love how protective he was with his poker face.


  4. I love the brooches and the headband is really sweet.
    I hope you have a lovely visit with your mom.

  5. Great crafty post from your whole family Kate! That headband is just gorgeous, lucky girl, and clever you making it. Have a lovely time with your mum and enjoy the rose season, :) julie

  6. I really enjoy your posts! That rose was so beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous photos---I love the kitty with the flower garland :) I am dying to learn how to crochet the flowers as well...please consider a tutorial!

  8. I love the flower garland, and the crochet roses. I don't think I would get my cat to model though, she's too flighty.


  9. Gorgeous crochet and such a lovely family fun blog post :-) x

  10. I love that headband! What a beautiful gift.

  11. Hello!
    I had to tell you how lovely that head band is, what a unique pattern - and of course your flowers are lovely too. Crochet is so soothing isn't it? Thank you for sharing.

    Julia x x x

  12. Hi! this headband is wonderful! Have a nice week :D

  13. You're a clever sausage! Feels like a whole week since I saw you...oh, it is! Can't wait to meet your Mum. See you soon xxxx

  14. Love your gardenias and the headband so much ... enjoy your Mum's visit!

  15. Ohh, Tinkerbell is so pretty! She looks a bit like our cat too. :)
    Love the crocheted flowers, Kate!

  16. Hi,
    you have a very wonderful blog and your works are very beautiful, i love your Style.
    GREAT greetings!!!


  17. it looks like you had a much more fabulous weekend than my own! ha ha, i spent it studying for finals. ughhh.
    lovely blog, by the way!



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