Friday, November 4, 2011


Once again, time has slipped through my fingers as the days have sped along too quickly. My mum arrived to stay a week ago and it has been such a special time with all of our favourite things - chatting, tea drinking, knitting crocheting and reading. Why can't time slow down when special people come to stay?
I finished the garland/headband last week for Hugo's friend (pictured above) and have now started another one in ice cream colours for a school fundraiser. They do become quite addictive. Maybe I should work out some sort of version for the boys... Fungus and bird eggs?
My knitting needles have been busy completing another pair of socks for my nephew. I think he will love them however he may not wear them until next year as I noticed on the weather forecast tonight that Melbourne will be 3o degrees Celsius.

Archie has been dreaming of Lego holidays. Do you think that in his mind he has shrunk down to the size of a beetle?
And as for Mum, she has been busy learning how to make papier mache birds and crocheting a few cute and quirky characters.
Look how quickly her hands can thread a needle - she's a blur.
This is Mum's little wren - I LOVE IT. The only thing wrong with it is that I didn't make it.
Have a lovely weekend and with lots of making if you can,
Love Kate xxooxx.


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