Friday, March 16, 2012

Rabbits and Flutes and Other Sorts of Things.

I have had another order of Floss Bunnies from my friend Shar and as it is now Autumn, I thought some scarves would be appropriate. I have a rough pattern for them in my head but I like making each one slightly different, it keeps me sane.

Archie has had a wonderful week. He had his first flute lesson yesterday and has come home filled up with light. Here he is learning some chords from the Internet. What an age we live in.
I am blown away by how beautiful the flute is to look at, let alone to listen too. I have to say the hearing someone learning the flute is a radically different experience to hearing someone play the violin for the first time. Every sound that comes out of the instrument is lovely.... thank goodness.
Archie has his birthday party tomorrow - a small handful of friends down at the swamp for a spare rib barbecue. Apparently that's the way you roll when you turn nine. Aside from that, Archie has a big weekend of homework ahead of him. He has a major project due in the following week and he has begun to prepare by soaking paper in tea. The edges will be burnt in the morning for extra authenticity. I like stuff like that and fortunately, so does Archie.
Thank you so much for all of your comments on the new pink kitchen - they made me very happy! Many of you have asked for the paint details but I will do that post in a couple of weeks - it is a colour that I developed with the most amazing colour consultant at Resenes in Tauranga - it is available on their data base but it had a bit of tweaking and we need to change the makeup for it on their program.
Anyway, an early night for me before tomorrow!!
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. How exciting for you and Archie about the flute. I used to play . . . way back in the dark ages. It's beautiful.

  2. Hi, I am new around here, and the name of your blog drew me here. What gorgeous rabbits- I am mad about crochet too. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. Love your crochet bunnies. I too used to play flute forever ago, it is a beautiful instrument. Happy birthday to your big boy too- pop over and check out the legoman cake I made for my six year old on my second last post- I think your boys would approve. melx

  4. Hi there :) I have just found your blog and think it's delightful. The bunnies are adorable :) I'm loving your cake in your previous post, happy birthday to the special guy! xx

  5. I play the flute too! I'm 27 now and I've played since I was 4. I love it to bits :) I just wish I had more time (and a better practicing space then my appartment) to play it!
    The bunnies look supercute btw.

  6. OOOh I played the violin - twas enough to put my family off music for life!
    Pink kitchen you say? off for a look!
    happy weekend
    fee x

  7. Lovely :-)
    Greetings from Germany

  8. I am so jealous . . . I could never get my lips right for the flute so a cornet, it was, for me.

    I am so in love with your bunnies . . . they each have such personalities.

  9. Gorgeous rabbits, love crochet too and wish I could make some like yours xx

  10. As a former band director, I would say Archie already has great position and posture! Keep it up, it's a wonderful vocation.

  11. I love your bunnies! I came to your blog through Planet Penny, lovely to find another colour fanatic :o)

  12. Your bunnies are so cute!

    My daughter is learning the flute too, I agree with you it's such a beautiful instrument and I love watching her play, she looks so graceful!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.
    Fleur xx

  13. From a mum whose daughters chose the flute and then the violin, I completely agree. For years no one taught violin at their school so I was pleased and then one day a lovely young man came along who answered our youngest desire to play the violin. He played the theme tune to Dr Who and she was impressed immediately. Not heard similar sounds here yet.

    Loved your pink flamingo kitchen too.

  14. Every sound out of a flute is beautiful? Your son must be a natural. When I started, all I could get was air, then squeaky air. Until I was able to get a smooth tone, I was thrown outside to practice. My stepfather would always annoy me by whistling whenever I tried to practice.

    Then I started broadening my range. Airy low notes and high pitched squeaks for the brutally high ones. It sounded like a dog whistle. And wait until he tries the piccolo. That's worse because only a superhero can tune a piccolo easily.

    I definitely didn't start out beautiful, but I suppose it is better than the violin.

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  16. Hi, I was researching on posture for flute players for my biology for musician essay and came across your blog. Great that your son plays the flute! As a flute player myself, I get really encourage when young kids takes interest on flute (: And I love the bunnies!
    A polite note for your flute enthusiast son, take note of the finger posture, as long term positioning of what it seem in the picture is not good for the fingers (:
    this is a really good website that explains clearly what would be a better and healthier posture for your son to adapt (:

    Good luck with the playing!!

    well wishes from UK



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