Thursday, March 22, 2012


Today my neighbour came over to visit wearing this skirt. She bought it yesterday and all I can say is that I am sooo glad that I didn't go with her as there may have been fisticuffs. Isn't it the most wonderful thing you have ever seen.
I would even be happy to have it as wall paper.
She (Dominique) works in a second hand shop and saved these books from being thrown out. I have a phobia about cutting books up for collage but Dominique has a theory that if they are published in a condensed version by Reader's Digest they deserve to be cut up as books should never, ever be condensed. I buy that theory. Particularly if they are about to be thrown out even from the op shop.
This book will not be cut up - Archie is still very keen on learning the flute so it is probably time to think about investing in one.
I have almost finished the shrug - I can't wait to show you the final version.
I am so mad on these colours at the moment. I think they may be my favourite combination.
And here is a portrait Hugo drew of me this morning. I wear a lot of stripes. He has caught my new shoes perfectly - I had better take a photo of them tomorrow.
Anyhoo, time to knit...
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. I see you have a copy of the Pears Cyclopaedia there. I grew up with two copies of that particular tome, both still exist and the most modern was published in 1953. We must have been an odd family but we spent many happy hours busting the info in it that had been refuted or changed, and in the oldest (published around WW2) we studied the different politics on the maps back then. They also had a couple of beautiful illustrations of paintings from the pre 1900 Pears advertisements, just gorgeous.

  2. The shrug looks gorgeous already,I love the colours. Your friend is very lucky to own such a beautiful skirt.

  3. What a fabulous skirt!!! and what a very kind friend you have.
    Can't wait to see your shoes in 'real' life....i think i'm going to like them.
    Such a sweet drawing
    love jooles x

  4. The skirt and shrug are wonderful, but what made me really smile were your hands on that gorgeous drawing! One (of many, no doubt!) to treasure.

  5. Fisticuffs!? I thought it would have been a running tackle to get that skirt. :)
    Loving your yarn colours too.
    Anne xx

  6. Hi Kate. What amazing fabric the skirt is made of. I totally agree on not cutting up books even if they are in a bad state. It seems disrespectful somehow. I also agree with your friend, though, that it is a really really bad thing to be condensing books. Why on earth do they think its a good idea!! What is the point - ssee its started me off now!!

  7. Hi Kate! I think I may have a girl crush on your neighbour....if it's the same person each time you refer to your 'neighbour' and not a whole host of stylish, creative neighbours! I think I may have to move to NZ just so I can live near you both and play out together! That skirt is is your new crochet! Can't wait to see what you do with the books. I love things made out of book pages but, like you, struggle to actually cut them up. Big hugs, Amanda xxxx

  8. Haha, love the book-cutting theory. I think I'll have to use it.

  9. I've wanted to try making an altered book, but I'm afraid of cutting up a book too. I can't ever cut up a page for a painting. I may try looking for some in the recycling though. Maybe my fears will be alleviated by garbage too...

  10. wow what a lovely skirt :D and the shawl is so sweet :) the spine on the top book looks lovely! x

  11. Those shrug colours make me think of Neapolitan icecream! I have the same phobia about cutting up books, but totally agree with Dominique's opinion about Readers Digest Condensed books, an abomination just begging to be dismembered!

  12. It has always seemed awful to cut any books but have changed my mind when I see what can be done!! Thank goodness In my 'maturity'[!!] I can change my way of many more possibilities in life when you open up to them aren't there. You have helped me to see there are many other ways of doing things...thankyou!! Off to the op shop again do I go! Love Mum

  13. That skirt!!! Mixed emotions.. It is something that is unique, but there's something that I want to changed on its style when I'm the one who's gonna wear. I just love the design. Looking forward for your new pair of shoes!!!

  14. That skirt!!! Mixed emotions.. It is something that is unique, but there's something that I want to changed on its style when I'm the one who's gonna wear. I just love the design. Looking forward for your new pair of shoes!!!

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  15. Such a nice post, I enjoyed it a lot! I like your sense of style! Wonderful photos!



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