Saturday, June 2, 2012

Illumination and Rain Drops.

Odd subject of a photo I know, but I came home from the school run the other day and found these plastic bags filled with light. I always have wondered about what they do when left alone. And now, thanks to opening the door very quietly, I have found out. As soon as they heard the camera click they flopped back down lifelessly.
 We had a little surprise birthday party for  our neighbour Dominique last night. I sneakily picked up her teenage daughter from the bus stop and ferried her back to my house so she could decorate this cake. Don't you think she did a wonderful job! Hugo was a little disappointed though as she brought an icing gun with her but didn't end up 'shooting' the cake.....
This is a little craft project that I did with some children from the boys' school. We now have a water feature in the school library with a fluffy cloud raining down smily faced rain drops. It was so cute watching the children make them and then reluctantly hand them over to be attached. 
Have a lovely weekend - we have a quiet one scheduled thank goodness with a snuggly, family movie night on the big blue couch.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


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