Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teenage Stanley...

 This is teenage Stanley. I have crocheted him for a school library fundraiser where we are hoping to gather enough pieces of money to buy some large cushions to strew about the floor. Our school is just a little one and runs without an official librarian, so on a Tuesday I open the library at lunchtime so the kids can have extra book time. 
There is a core group of very, very cool kids who come and hang out and they have started up their own group called 'B.L.inc' - Book Lovers Incorporated. They are so funny and passionate about the library and it was their idea for me to crochet a rabbit. Unfortunately, this raffle is just school wide but it would be sooo much fun to hold one for the wider and dare I say... 'internationaler' community one day.
 So here is Stanley as a teenager, wearing a cape (as I am sure all teenagers would like to do) and carrying a satchel which is going to have something special in it.
 He is such a wonderful explorer.
And so interested in nature!
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Your rabbits are so wonderful and what a fantastic thing for you to do for your little school. And so great to see the kids so involved and excited. Go the cape- I would wear one to work if it was an option. melx

  2. The rabbit family certainly lead adventurous lives in your part of the woods, even a forest in which to go adventuring and exploring! Your effort with the library is wonderful, so fantastic for the children to have someone who is as passionate about reading as you are, to inspire them with their journeys into books, this other wonderful life we can bury ourselves in. I love the cape and satchel, what will you think of next!! Love Mum

  3. your bunnies are soo cute.....what a great thing to do being the library mum,go you !

  4. If someone hasn't said this already . . Stanley needs some books in his back pack . . bet I could find some in out local craft store scrapbooking dept if you can't.

  5. Well I am all for supporting kids and books! Now you need a girl bunny with a backpack and maryjanes!

  6. I like the mini bunting too!
    Stanley the teen has attitude.

  7. Teenage Stanley looks very intelligent. I wonder what he is studying! What a cool idea for the children to have a library club; I just love it when they are passionate about books. xxx

  8. He's unbelievably gorgeous Kate, love his jaunty neckerchief and those trees and bushes are brilliant!

  9. Hi!

    Your teenage Stanley witch all his accessories is really wonderful.
    What about to let the kids take pictures of him (and maybe some of Stanley's friends) and create a little story? You could hang the pictures up in the library or sell copies of the pictures on a festivity to support the library.
    If you find the time come visiting my blog – I've made a rabbit too.


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