Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Knitting 24/7 - A Review.

I am feeling very excited and technologically advanced to be bringing you this book review today. I was recently contacted by Liz Funke from Open Road Integrated Media to see if I would be interested in reviewing some knitting ebooks they have just released in collaboration with S.T.C. Craft / Melanie Falick Books. Considering I am a major fan of Melanie Falick I was very, very quick to say yes. 
I haven't bought an ebook before and found myself wondering how, without a Kindlely-thing or ipad, I would find having an ebook on my laptop. Five days later I can honestly say "Gaaaaaah,  my life has been revolutionized and all my craft books will now be bought as ebooks!!!!!". 
And why this sudden change of heart, well, apart from the fact that an ebook is a fraction of its paperback price, the page stays upright, backlit and open on the pattern I am working on (rather than flipping continually shut like its paper counterpart). I love that the text and charts can be enlarged which is very handy for bespectacled people such as myself. I also travel a bit and in this format, it means I can take all of my crafting books with me without adding huge amounts of weight to my luggage - on one trip to the South Island, we took more than twenty books with us. 

So now, onto the review of Knitting 24/7 by Veronik Avery.
One of the really appealing aspects of Knitting 24/7 is the layout. Projects have been sorted into day, night and weekend categories to suit a variety of circumstances. Veronik writes in her introduction, "I designed the projects in Knitting 24/7 to be portable and to make use of our “extra” time—those nooks and crannies in our lives when we are busy, yet our hands are free to practice our craft. Many of us like to knit while we travel, wait, watch, or listen, and times like these call for projects that can be easily stowed in a bag and contained in our laps. They also call for easily memorized stitch patterns so that charts are not needed once the pattern has been established".
I am already itching to make this Linen Market Bag - in that exact plum.
Christmas presents!!!!!!
All of the projects have been designed so they are easily portable and quickly finished. I love the thought of knitting these slippers up for Archie one afternoon in time for bed. Maybe one warm foot per night might be more achievable though.
The photographs in Knitting 24/7 are so beautiful and cosy - although I have to say that I don't just want the mittens, I would also please like the mug and cape. I think I may have to make myself a cape to wear for tea drinking.
This headband will definitely be my first project from the book. Hopefully I will knit it these school holidays - the weather looks a little rainy so I suspect the boys and I will spend the odd afternoon snuggling up on the big, blue couch with a dvd.
And this vest is also way up the on the list. I love the lines of it.

You can find Knitting 24/7 here.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. oh excellent, thanks for posting this, I'm going to get the kindle version of this

  2. It looks like a nice book...I really like the socks on the front cover. I have a lot of books and patterns on my laptop, but I tend to print off the project I'm working on so that I don't have to have the laptop on the bed :)

  3. Most books I look at these days are so hoity toity that they aren't really useful things for me to make. I really like this book! It has useful things that you could make and use/wear everyday. It's a refreshing change from the norm. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. ive only just discovered your delish blog....who knew there were other aspiring cape wearing tea drinkers out there??. Thanks for the late night....i kept reading "just one more".
    Allison x
    ps my cape would be green :)

  5. It looks such a good book, you must be very happy having to do the review! however I must comment on the previous post by saying that I am so glad to be able to claim him for my grandson. He has a beautiful soul, beautiful parents who encourage him all the way and an equally beautiful brother who also is a gem. Love from Mum



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