Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh Noble and Miniature Fox.

 The other day I found a teeny-tiny fox running around the house and so of course, I promptly chopped off his head and had it mounted. It has become a new hobby of mine... Actually, if truth be told, I crocheted him and stitched him onto a backing piece of crochet. No animals were harmed during the process.
 This one is now waiting for a little creature to adhere to it.
 I would like to have a whole wall section of crocheted and mounted creatures but for the meantime, Foxy can hang out with the boys.
He fits in quite well.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. I love this, it is so cute and cheeky.

  2. Maybe you will end up with a forest of animal heads. the real ones in your house will be too frightened to come inside..perhaps their heads will be lopped off too. Delightful as usual! The tea cosy is fabulous, I love it and am sure the tea tastes better now. Love Mum

  3. Love it! (I also love the thought of little crocheted animals trotting around your house in the dead of night!)

  4. Gosh, I am in love. He is too beautiful and may just climb down from your wall and have a nose around for morsels to munch on before the sun rises to return to his little mount :o) xox Penelope

  5. Really, really cute idea! I think you must make some more, just so we can look and go "wow, too cute"!!! What about a moose?!!!

  6. Oh dear...I did actually believe you for a minute! My only excuse is that I'm full of a cold! I love this little fellow Kate and I can't help thinking that he would look rather splendid at the top of the stairs at Amanda Bloom! Could I possibly commission an identical twin and if so how much Wonga would be talking about? xxxx



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