Friday, September 21, 2012

My Big Boy.

My big boy, who is standing right beside me being very strange and funny has been an utter startthis week. In fact both boys have been amazing and have coped extremely well with a school play that spanned over three performances and guaranteed very late nights. Anyhoo, Archie woke up this morning and decided that he wanted to cut some flowers for his lovely teacher who has had the most enormously busy term. 
I think if your 9 year old son makes a posy for his teacher and is happy to carry it on the school bus, then he is at the right school.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.
p.s. exciting book reviews coming up next week....


  1. How gorgeous of him to be so lovely and thoughtful x Penelope

  2. such a sweet boy (and gentleman!!)!!
    xxx Alessandra

  3. beautiful fellow! x

  4. He is so sweeeet and you are surely one very proud mama. The teacher was certainly beyond happy due to this toughtful gesture. Love, Ivana

  5. She must be a great teacher and he is a sweet boy. Doesn't it feel good when they are enjoying school?

  6. Ah! Such a lovely boy. I am a teacher and would be thrilled to have him in my class!!
    Karen x

  7. Your post brought to mind my 1st Christmas as a teacher. I was opening the gifts the kids had brought in. All of the b oys were in the back of the room. The girls were "oh-ing and ah-ing" over eveything I opened.

    I came to a small package from one of the boys, who was a true red-head . . in hair and demeanor. I said," Jerry, do you want tosee what your Mom bought." His response, "I picked it out."

    That intrigued me . . . what would a boy pic out. Inside were a pair of plain gold hoop ear rings . . exactly what I wore to school when I wore ear rings. I was so amazed that he paid enough attention to what I wore . . and my hair was long so they didn't show that well.

    It made me appreciate everything I ever received from a boy even more . . I knew that when they brought something, and it looked like me, I knew they had picked it out, not mom.

    So, tell your son, a former teacher in the USA is very proud of him . . . and I know his teacher will be exceptionally pleased with him.

  8. Star boy, I love it when our children surprise us with their sensitivity and kindness! I think it says alot about you and your family, lovely!

  9. Ah he is such a handsome boy, with kind eyes. So sweet he took his teacher flowers, such a gent!



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