Friday, January 25, 2013

Trials and Tribulations.

 Did you know that laptops, particularly Apple Macs, don't like drinking tea. Sadly I discovered this a few days ago and now I am in an internet wilderness waiting to hear back from computer shops and insurance companies. Quite a lot of stuff may end up being lost but luckily I have kept a blog of my favourite projects and printed out my best family photos. It's worth printing things out I tell you. 
 In the meantime I have been keeping myself busy with lots of new projects including Mr. and Mrs. Fox above. When I get my new/old computer up and going, I will write up a few p.d.f.s to make available... how exciting.
Jonno and Archie have set off on a 5 day hike this morning. They are going off with a few other friends and are over the moon about it. For the last couple of months they have been consumed by the planning and anticipation so it is a funny thing for them to finally be doing it.
Hugo and I have a few days to ourselves and he has just discovered the joy of sewing felt mice. Hopefully we will have lots to show you over the next few days.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. I hope your laptop is saveable, lovely to have all your blog posts to look back on. faye

  2. hope your laptop will be back home sound and safe soon!! love Mr&Mrs Fox!!!
    Your boys will enjoy their journey a lot!!!
    xxxx Ale

  3. Que lindos, esperaremos con ansias, saludos de Uruguay.

  4. oh no! hope your computer is salvageable and that it won't end up like your previous post!
    Love Mr and Mrs Fox, especially her fluffy ears

  5. Most annoying tea and tech don't mix very well. We had a similar disaster with a laptop, some cocoa and a cat. The laptop never recovered! Hope yours is sorted very soon it's very traumatic and shows us just how much we rely on it without realising!

  6. Mr and Mrs Fox are very cute. Just wondering where Jonno and Archie are tramping - so I can give my husband and son an exciting idea.

  7. Oh man - my apple mac laptop didn't like my tea either. But - after months and months and months it is almost back to normal!!!



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