Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 I am so, so, so sorry that I have been M.I.A. over the holidays and completely neglected my Christmas and New Year wishes to you.... but you see, I have been back home (other home) to Australia to catch up with family and friends for the past three weeks and I have barely been near a computer.
It has been a real joy watching the boys catch up with their cousins (note Archie and Hugo with their big cousin Charlie above), it is such a special thing how they all know and love each other so much even thought the time they spend together is limited.
 Under strict parental supervision they had a ball doing all sorts of wacky things such as riding bikes into dams. The bike was tied to rope so they could haul it back out again - the best thing about this was that the bike came out sparkling.....

Lots of dog cuddling duty.
 Lazing in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens.
 Elephant spotting.
And South Melbourne marketing to do.
I have so many more photos to show you - especially of shoes....
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.
p.s. Happy New Year!


**Anne** said...

Lovely to hear from you Kate, I was wondering if you were o.k. It's good to hear you were able to spend time with your Australian family, it looks from your photos like you had a fab time.
Anne xx

Alessandra said...

happy new year Kate!!!
xxx Ale

Christel said...

Welcome back! Beautiful photos! Been checking your blog daily for updates just in case! :-)

Aunty Mum said...

I didn't know they had elephants in Melbourne. Looking forward to more pics.L

Kirsten said...

Wow, what a cute picture of your boy in the last photo! Glad you had fun :)

stonefruit season said...

Hmmm not so sure about you being back there and us being here! Jon Jon was looking at the boys on the fridge today, v excited to see them! Funny how they're just happily stuck on with magnets and I hope you're not missing them too much xoxoxo

Seacanoeist Mark said...
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embroidery bag said...

Welcome back! Beautiful photos! Been checking your blog daily for updates just in case!


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