Sunday, January 13, 2013

When a Sponge is more than a Sponge...

 Today I made my first sponge cake. Doesn't sound like much... except that for years I have been too overwhelmed by the thought to even try. I think there was a small and strange era when you could be judged by your cake and many were often found wanting. This has lingered with me, especially the comments that I used to hear like "It's just too fiddly" and "It never works out properly". 
I am very lucky that I have made my first sponge cake in 2013 when many of us have forgotten what a perfect sponge looks like. A slight dip in the centre - and excellent spot for storing cream. Slightly askew and lop-sided - an engineering feat!
 And the best thing was, it tasted really good. The boys have almost devoured the lot... which is good because I don't think they keep that well. The recipe is naturally gluten free, made with cornflour and custard powder - it came from a school cookbook given to me by my sister and I will ask her if there is a link to buy it online somewhere because it is amazing!!!!
On another note, I have some new pictures to hang up. Last term saw the boys studying Maori arts at school and Hugo came home with the wonderful feather collage (there is an official name for it which I will find out) and this sketch which he did at a local marae.
I adore his teacher for loving this sketch and displaying it on the wall. As she said to me, that was what it looked like.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.
p.s. Is anybody else out there in New Zealand trying to survive this humidity. Just when I thought the air couldn't become any more dense it began to rain. First time in years that I have craved a cold beer and so instead cracked open a frosty ginger beer (one with alcohol) and watched the rain pour down feeling very, very, very tropical.


  1. Snap! Just posted some of Soph's pics from mum! I love Hugo's work, think we need one of them for our walls!!! Must get the recipe for the sponge, I was only saying last night that I want to conquer them myself!

  2. I love it! Maybe I should tackle the sponge one day... "way back when" I was 6 or 7 years old, we had all kinds of competitions at school. I entered the sponge cake making - and won!

    I can still remember trying to make the sponge - my mum wouldn't let me do anything. I remember how grumpy I was with her.

    SO, really, my mum won the sponge making competition. Naughty Mum.

    It's hot in Chch, but it's not very humid at all so it's bearable. Eugh, I'd try live in someone's cold swimming pool or in the bath if it were humid here.

    I hope the weather gets better for you soon. xx

  3. Your cake looks perfect! There is nothing more off-putting than a cake that looks like it comes out of a magazine - not real. I like one that looks homemade, and I bet it was delicious!

    I eat gluten free, so I would LOVE the recipe. It would cheer up some very grey cold days here in the UK.

  4. Fantastic sponge, it looks oh so yummy.
    Anne xx

  5. Don't worry, even failed cakes are often great to eat ;) . But this one looks great!

    Love, Kirsten

  6. One of the best cakes I ever tasted was made by my Nanna and she christened it 'disaster cake'. It fell apart and was in chunks in the tin but we devoured it all the same!

  7. Kate, your sponge is perfect. I can practically taste it! And truth is, I've never baked a sponge either. Maybe this is the year?!!

  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy yummy yummy!!!
    NZ does *the best* baking books I swear! Most of my baking happens from old NZ books of my mother's, grandmother's and great-grandmother's. Will be on the look out for your recipe/similar, looks delish!

  9. That cake looks gorgeous! I really want one now I've seen that! And no, I live in England where it is nearly snowing right now and would love some warm weather!

  10. that looks so yum! and that art - awesome :)

  11. Your sponge looks fabulous - I need to pluck up the courage to make one I think. Very humid here in Auckland today - trying to rain - my garden desperately needs it. Hope temperatures are slightly cooler for you today.

  12. Your cake looks lovely. I love cake (said in wistful voice as I am a cake-free zone for January!)

    Katie x

  13. Oh I do love a sponge cake, I want to go and bake now! That sketch is awesome, unfortunately I do not think my headteacher would see the funny sideif it were displayed! Abigail x



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