Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bear in Progress.

 John the Bear is almost finished. I have decided to start calling my little animals after family members. John is for my Dad and also for Hugo (It's his middle name). 
 I am just hoping John the Bear will keep standing even when his head is attached... wish me luck.
And here is a photo of some twine I bought yesterday. It's very small and fits nicely into the world of crocheted animals. I think they might end up as electrical spools for a rabbit burrow or something.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. He does look a little awkward...or uncomfortable in that situation. Hope having his head on makes him more comfortable. I love his clothes! Love Mrs A

  2. I operate much more effectively when my head's sewn on. Sometimes it wobbles off and makes everyday tasks so difficult! xoxoxo

  3. Lovely..I think he will be a great one !

  4. I did wonder what I was looking at when I opened your page, hope he gets his head soon. I've never tried making these little animals, they are so cute. Love the way they each have their own character. Rowen@Coastal Colours

  5. He's looking great, I'm sure he will stand proud! :) x

  6. He will be adorable I love the colours - love the twine x

  7. Oh he looks like he is reaching out to try and pick his head up - please help him! Jane x

  8. I love his sweater, good luck putting the head piece!

  9. I absolutely adore your "John in progress"

    Each time I visit your blog I get more and more jealous. I have written this already: why didn't I come up with such a nice name for my blog?
    I'm all colour after all.

    Interested to have a peak and to join the giveaway?

    Le Thé Dachshund Grey est arrivé!
    Limited Edition.
    (what else?)

    At 101 followers the handmade tea bags in powder pastel fabrics Dachshund Grey Special Edition will be given away to a follower.

  10. John [Dad] thanks you for kindness.
    I do like being your bear!!



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