Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Goodbye Kind of Holiday.

 After my last post saying that we were unwell, I wouldn't blame you for thinking that maybe the whole family had succumbed to the plague. In actual fact, we have been in Australia saying goodbye to my parents' farm. I thought I had better include the photo of Hugo above holding kangaroo poo for proof. He was very please with it…
And here I am in Australia - see the eucalyptus behind me. I am obviously saying something incredibly profound, maybe even mathematical?
Mum's garden is an absolute delight at the moment so I took reams of photos. I think it will be very hard to say goodbye to, particularly all of her roses which are incredible.
Her garden is filled with all sorts of little niches. I love the sedum growing in the stone wall.
 Roses, borage, valerian, echiums, wall flowers, lambs ears. Heaven.

 Precious hands (my mum and my sister) and precious roses.
 While we were busy packing, Hugo took it upon himself to conquer bike riding. As we live on a very hilly farm in New Zealand, biking hasn't really been an option. We have tried him up at the beach house a few times but he has been very firmly attached to his training wheels. So wahoo for the summer, many more bike riding adventures for us to have.
 So, a very busy and emotional 10 days. Very hard to say goodbye to everyone this time but so special to be able to help and enjoy a last stay on the farm.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. gosh , what a wrench. i feel wrenched. time stands still for no man , or woman , or boys on bikes.

  2. Your mum's garden is so pretty, I'm sure that you will miss it, but how nice that you will have lots of pictures and memories. xx

  3. So hard leaving behind a place that is special and holds many memories. The photo of your Mum's and sister's hands among the beautiful roses is both wonderful and incredibly poignant. Treasure your pics and the memories they capture - they will always be part of you. How lovely also that Hugo learnt to ride a bike there - he'll always remember that. Sending you a hug across the world because although I don't know you, this post resonated so much with me. Elizabeth x

  4. It must be so hard to say goodbye to the farm. Is your Mum moving nearer to you? I am glad Hugo has mastered his bike. Little Son was addicted to his training wheels until a lady who we don't know very well just told him to remove them and he just did it and hasn't looked back! The photo of the flowers and you Mum and sister's hands is so

  5. It is a very hard thing to do. we did it with my grandparents farm. Keep hold of the memories. Jo x

  6. Oh! I have been through the same thing with all of our parents. Such an emotional time. I am so glad you gave such a lovely family and so many happy memories. They are the threads that make our lives meaningful and unique. Most importantly of all I hope your Mum finds great happiness wherever she lays her head next.

  7. Quite a lump in the throat time I should imagine, it was reading this post anyway xx



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