Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Archie's Crochet Cactus.

 Here it is, Archie's first crochet project.... his very own cactus. As you can imagine, I am indescribably proud. Also thrilled to see how much pleasure he had in working on a project and chatting with those around him. It is such a sociable thing to do, especially when camping. I stitched it up (he wanted me to as he has been a bit busy with school camps and so on) but the rest was absolutely him. We put rice in the base which helps it to stand and somehow makes it more tactile. He is a happy boy.
 And speaking of happy boys, here is a photo of Archie for the weekend all dolled up for a fairy and pirate party. He was very taken with having a silver tooth. As for the mark on the neck (long story and not as bad as it looks), well lets just say that he looked like a pirate that escaped with his life.
 Don't you hate it when your teeth keep falling out.
 Hugo kept himself busy over the weekend. Poor smurfs. Actually we have a beautifully decorated verandah.
This one is a cheeky one to be sure. 
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Love his cactus! Clever boy tell him. X

  2. Well done, Archie!

    Such wonderful pictures.

  3. Love the cactus, what a great idea for a pincushion!! Well done Archie! xx

  4. That is a fab little cactus and I can see why you are so proud. He looks fab as a pirate. Lovely pics x

  5. Such lovely boys - I'm sure you are a very proud mum x

  6. Wow!! Archies cactus is brilliant :D I've made a few myself and they can be fiddly so hats off to him, he did a great job and you're rightly proud :-)

  7. Wow, well done Archie, we love you cactus! What's next?!

  8. Archie did a wonderful job! Love his pirate look! Did Hugo ever have clean hands? What did he do that was so blue? Sorry about that rhythm!



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