Friday, February 21, 2014

Knitting a Scarf.

 It is a very odd thing to find yourself in an extremely humid late summer and have an unquenchable desire to knit a thick woollen scarf. And yet that is exactly the situation I found myself in two nights ago. Maybe it's a primal way of guaranteeing a change of season.... Come Autumn, rain your golden leaves and cool nights down upon us. Or maybe just the contrary nature of being human....'why not knit heavy projects when the air is dense with hot, fuggy moisture'.
 Either way, this is what I have ended up with and now I am even more keen for a cool change so that I can actually wear it.
 Over the past few years I've become obsessed with learning as much about knitting and crochet as is possible in mortal time.... forgetting how sometimes the most perfect stitch is often the most simple. I love the knit stitch in this scarf, how satisfying it is to see that tiny wavy pattern repeated endlessly.
And I was very lucky this morning that I had a little model keen to bandy it about. In the last photo he obliged my request to put Ted Ted down and stop sucking his fingers. Oh yes... and to smile. Hmmmm.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. wow!
    Nice scarf!
    Nice model.
    He looks a lot like Benedict Cumberbatch (and that is a very big compliment since I think he's a great and very handsome actor)

    So strange that you can feel fall approaching,
    while here in Belgium
    we are waiting for spring!

  2. I love the knit stitch and especially in scarves. It feels so nice and falls lovely.

  3. There is very little rhyme or reason as to why we choose to crochet or knit the things we do at the times we do, or at least there isn't from what I can tell!! As long as you enjoyed making it and will enjoy wearing it, that is all that matters!! It looks great by the way - although I am concerned that your model is quite attached to it.... xx

  4. Your model is adorable, and the scarf is lovely. "Ted-ted" looks cute too. :)

  5. I'm glad. SO glad that you're featuring knitting too. Someone recently contacted me to say that they've noticed my blog has 'gone over to the dark side'!!!!!



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