Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Most Jam-Packed Christmas Tree Ever!

 Every second year we travel to Australia for Christmas. Our house sitters usually arrive on the day we leave and to make things easy (saving them the hassle of cleaning up deadish trees), I hang the Christmas decorations around the house rather than a living tree. This year however, I decided no more. No more explaining to the boys why we aren't going to have a Christmas tree - and so instead I bought a fake one. 
Having a real Christmas tree is my favourite thing in the world and will definitely be the main feature of our Christmas's's's' at home. But oh my giddy aunt - I love this plastic fantastic tree. It completely withstood our way of decorating which involves pushing ornaments into its every nook and cranny. In fact, it's getting kind of hard to see the branches, it is encrusted, bejewelled, bedecked, besmothered in decorations - or to be completely honest, gaudy craziness.
It's like a flock of unruly birds tried simultaneously to build a nest. 
 And of course, the very best, the most special and the least pretty ornament was saved for last. I love our monster angel that was made when my littlest boy was particularly little. It is hideously wonderful - it really is. I love it.
Boats, owls, rabbits, ships, umbrellas, birds, baubles, pompoms, flowers, disco balls - I think there may even be some Christmas things on there too.
 My rabbit lights - a souvenir from our travels around England.
 One even hopped in a boat!
Gaaaaahhhhh - I just saw the most marvellous opportunity for reenacting 'The Owl and The Pussycat' - which by the way was read at our wedding.
 I wonder what's inside that caravan...
So there it is - our tree completely overdressed for another year. I wonder if a study has been done somewhere throughout the world comparing Christmas trees to owners.....
Lots and lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx


  1. :-)
    so gorgeous !!!!
    i am having a big smile beneath my nose thanks to your Christmas tree !

  2. Its Christmas, you cant be overdressed, same goes for trees.

  3. Its Christmas, you cant be overdressed, same goes for trees.

  4. Ohhh.... wow... I really love your tree, it is a happy one:) byebye. ps. I can't wait to make my own tree!

  5. oh my ..the all inclusive tree.
    total joyous perfection !

  6. Loving every inch of it! We have a small fake tree and it is stuffed full of decorations... brings joy :)

  7. A bit surprising to see a tree up so early. Christmas is over 3 weeks away and then there are 12 days of it. Perhaps that explains the ba humbug of people who chuck out the tree on boxing day? They are fed up with it.

  8. It's wonderful! The more the merrier, as they say! I tend to want to keep piling it on too, the rest of the family, not so much. lol I LOVE those boats! We do the fake tree, a white one so the ornaments really pop. We put ours up on Thanksgiving evening (last Thursday in November)so the faux one works out better with all the time it will be up. Seasons greeting!

  9. Hello Kate, I LOVE your tree, so full of joyous items-the bunny lights are amazing and the one in the boat perfect! ha ha.
    You have set the standard my darling.
    A tree that makes you smile each time you pass, that is the magic.

  10. You are my kind of Christmas tree decorator, every year my dad says, "that's enough now" and I have to slip back later and sneak extras on!

    Love the boats. I like more glitter on my tree though. Add glitter!

  11. Your 'monster angel' is adorable and I completely understand how (as you described it) it can be "hideous" and adorable at the same time. Our tree is topped by my son's very first angel made from a cardboard roll with a ping pong ball head, some tinsel for the halo and paper doily wings. Nowadays we need to handle the angel carefully lest its head should just pop off when we aren't looking, and the paper doily wings have a few tears but the crazy expression on the hand-drawn face it priceless and bring us joy every year. Here's to home-made Christmas decorations! Have a lovely Christmas and safe travels. xxx

  12. Oh wow I love your tree! A very happy tree. And I love the boats :)



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